Sunday, 10 May 2015

Tara Cross & Stefan Tischler ‎– "Searchlight & Torch" (Home Produkt ‎– GT 020) 1984

A Minimal Synth collaboration,between Tara Cross and Stephan Tischler(of Port said) with large emphasis on the 'minimal' part of the genre label.
Tara, who is responsible for one of the genre's greatest tracks, "Comme Je Suis" (Check it out on Cabbage 4 here), has appeared in nigh on 20 plus collaborations over the years,and likes to keep it simple,with the minimum of equipment;and this is evident on this release.One or two weedy mono synths and a cheap and nasty drum machine,played through the minimum of effects,with the essential deadened carpet shop ambiance the icing on a very small cake.In the world of Pop,if you have Bruce Springsteen and His horrible East Street Band at one end of the spectrum, this would be at the other; a part of the pop rainbow where there are no assholes,and the music and the listener can rest easy without some attention seeker shouting in their ear'ole the ever popular phrase,"LOOK AT ME MOM, I'M DANCIN'!".


Alpine Connection
Clandestine Locale
Alien Code
The March
Beyond The Corridor
Porto Rico
Searchlight & Torch

DOWNLOAD without the need for a searchlight HERE!


bill said...

Nice. Seems there's a bit of a David Glass quality to some of this.

Jonny Zchivago said...

You've got me there Bill. Not familiar with the works of David Glass? Must be modern?

bill said...

Ah, no, it's my brain-fade. Sorry, I meant Philip Glass! Aaargh! Stupido. David Glass is the physical theatre geezer - I was involved in that scene in the 80s and always get them muddled. The Koyaanisqatsi-minimalist guy is who I meant.

This is a very nice tape, soothing to the brain, which is needed.

Jonny Zchivago said...

Never get your Glass's mixed up!
Yeah, Tara Cross did study Music at some NYC college. Wouldn't surprise me if she didn't come into contact with Glass.P at some juncture.