Sunday, 17 May 2015

Tara Cross ‎– "Limelight" (Vita Nova ‎– VN 006) 1985

Another who collaborated with a former Port Said member(Stefan Tischler) was Tara Cross.
On her own she produced some of the tinniest, lo-budget cheapo minimal synth pop ever made. No production values flaunting themselves,no reliance on effects,and a cheapo drum box that sounds like a collection of biscuit tins in various states of emptiness.


A1When Will You?
A2Flight * 1
A3Tori's Dream
A4I Won't Cut It Away
A6Flight * 2
A7Long Distance
B1Hotel Midnite
B2Flight * 3
B3Hot Wax
B4Hear Me
B6Alphabetical Numbers

DOWNLOAD tara cross who was never in the limelight HERE!


Marc Plainguet said...

Thank you for the Tara Cross releases. I am not sure I still have mine. We were both home recorders back in those days. We traded tapes and talked on the phone. Good memories. - Marc Plainguet

Jonny Zchivago said...

Wasn't there a Philip K Dick story called "We Can remember It For You"?
That' a good sub-heading for this blog.
Maybe you could search out any obscure Tara Cross/Marc Plainguet collaborations for inclusion here?

Marc Plainguet said...

We never collaborated. We just traded tapes. She told me some of my stuff was similar who Unovidual, whom she did work with. She owned a hair salon in New York but it's closed now and I don't know where she went. I had some other thing you didn't post. Spurt Ditties and Waiting For The War. I think there was another. If I find them I'll digitize them.

Did you ever hear of another home taper who recorded as Dust That Collects?


Background Information said...

Not sure if anyone on this excellent blog site knows but a good friend of mine is slowly re-releasing the very rare Port Said cassettes
These are early 1980s DIY synth albums that never really gained any attention except the local NYC artsy musician aficionados.
Heres a link to the Anodize website. So far 2 of 4 releases are now available.

Sorry I didnt mean to spam your site just thought this music needs to remain in the light so to speak and your website is a tribute to that DIY aesthetic.

Humberto said...