Friday, 1 May 2015

Robert Lawrence ‎– "Imagination Dead Imagine" (Quick Stab ‎– Prod. 5) 1981

Basically, a live performance at Bristol Arts Centre on Valentines day 1981. Oh!what Romance to be serenaded by a live mix of three cassette recorders and a reel to reel; backing R.Lawrence on synth,clarinet,guitar with vocals that sound not unlike Frank Sidebottom. This the is classic UK DIY sound in action. Long formless tracks that sound like they were recorded in a cardboard box full of cotton wool, barely competent musicianship,radio voices, white noise dominant rhythm box's,and cheap electronics. Echoes of the highly influential Cabaret Voltaire are more than apparent here, as the co-creator of the classic Dada Computer album is captured, exploring the sonic possibilities as he searches for a sound of his own. 

(I edited the tracks as best as I could...there are 5 tracks listed,but i ended up with six!? i glued two back together making track 5.)


A1Track 1 (14.33)
A2Track 2 (12.57)
A3Track 3 (2.45)
B1Track 4 (9.10)
B2Track 5 (17.45)

DOWNLOAD imaginatively HERE!


bill said...

Beautiful. I used to go to Bristol Arts Cenre in '81. Really wish I'd been there for this. Great stuff.

Alan Burns said...

This is fantastic, thanks for posting!

My eye for vintage blanks tells me that's a Sony AHF - damn fine tape, which I believe Chris Carter also used for TG24 and all the other IRCs.

the saucer people said...

How did I miss this thread... The Dadacomputer = 5ive Ximes Of Dust = Mark Phillips And Robert Lawrence.. thankfully it appears DIEORDIY2 has laid it all out for us saucercomelatelys to the party...
In fact, I now see that Minimal Wave and Vinyl-On-Demand have already done the reissue dance with these lot - I can see why - truly seminal (in the pre-internet sense of the word, before it became used to describe 50% of the junk that get released these days)...


Jonny Zchivago said...

To create the future you need to have knowledge of the past.The present we are now in has the knowledge but not the insight,or Limitations of the past.
The electronic music of today has the problem of choice. The past had a very enviable 'Freedom FROM choice' as opposed to the shallow 'freedom OF choice' the poor kids have today. This replaces creativity with endless unresearched,'easy' options.Why think when you can buy a new sound?