Thursday, 27 February 2014

Rema Rema - "Complete recordings" (1979/1980)

Yes, Dorothy was Max from one of thee great lost bands, Rema Rema. So here's a collection of everything that was captured on tape by said band.
It includes the beyond magnificent "Wheel in the Roses" e.p. on 4AD, the two live tracks they contributed to "The Men with Deadly Dreams" compilation(coming next here), and a live bootleg of a support slot at the Lyceum in 1979,containing a few tracks that I have no clue what they are called at all.
The band consisted of Gary Asquith (guitar/vocals), Marco Pirroni (guitar), Mick Allen (bass/vocals), Mark Cox (keyboards) and Max (drums). Their sole EP, Wheel In The Roses, featured one side of studio recordings and another of live material. Their songs ‘Fond Affections’ and ‘Rema-Rema’ were later covered by This Mortal Coil and Big Black respectively.
Rema-Rema split up shortly after the EP's release in April 1980. Pirroni later hit the big time with Adam And The Ants. Asquith, Allen and Cox formed the short-lived Mass with Danny Briottet. Asquith then moved on to Renegade Soundwave, while Cox and Allen stayed with 4AD as part of The Wolfgang Press.
Drummer Max, aka Dorothy,eventually joined Psychic TV full time.

DOWNLOAD the complete Rema Rema HERE!


Veronika said...

Have I downloaded this yet? I have a habit now of checking your website first thing every day in an effort to get everything I can put my digital hands on and commencing with my own dark projects. If not, I will. But I do want to mention to you a new television series called True Detective, which I believe is currently airing on your shores, and if not, is certainly available elsewhere. I'm certain that you'd like, at least, very specific parts of it, so definitely put that on your 'to do list if I have time' list, if you have time, of course. BTW, loved Dorothy! If you've got Dorothy and Cosie, who has time for nerd-lamenting in the case of weird, gorgeous women?!!

Veronika said...

CosEY (fanni tutti), forgive me!

Anonymous said...

Nice to have them all in one place, many thanks!

Jonny Zchivago said...

Hi veronika,
nice to see someone who isn't afraid to say that they watch television.
I may live in France,but,to my shame,I do have a satellite facility pointing back to the UK; never seen any True Detective though!?
Interested to know what your dark projects are?

Philip Johnson said...

Dorothy was Max's real first name, I think.

Veronika said...

You will understand True Detective, if not like it, Jonny. As for my 'dark projects', I'd very much like to send you the newest ones, based off of your website and listening tastes, in an email, if that's fine. And my previous projects are all located at a bandcamp, of which I will not hyperlink because I'm not sure of your feelings towards that modern avenue of music sharing. Everything's digital of course, regardless of whether or not they're plunderphonics of vinyl or cassette tape. At least with me.

Jonny Zchivago said...

Hello V,
I'm not that much of a dinosaur y'know, i think i have something on either bandcamp or soundcloud,I never carried on with it for some reason.
E-mails good, you have my address?

I'm pretty open minded musically etc, contrary to popular opinion I don't just spend my time listening to old cassettes of old school industrial music, in fact i hardly ever do.
Its gotta have the right attitude,theme etc.
looking forwardd to it.

stacey halstead said...