Thursday, 6 February 2014

If, Bwana - "Organ Life" (Sound of Pig SOP166) 1987

Another Al Margolis uber-experimental cassette?Suely not?
Side A of Organ life is given over entirely to the art of the ever intensifying one chord organ drone. For 30 minutes we are treated to the same keys of an Organ held down with increasing levels of vibrato , until Al runs out of cassette tape. Great for out of body experiences ,or just plain old parallel dimension exploration without mind altering substances.
Side B, ‘Loop de Loop’, is as self explanatory as Side A. Processed sampled loops drone in and out of sync with reality and each other ,in the era before timestretching. Parts sound not unlike something produced by the BBC Radiophonic workshop in the early 60’s.
This whole tape must have been produced in not much more than a couple of hours, but it is quite/quietly effective, meditative, and strange enough to be considered a worthwhile endeavour .

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