Sunday, 2 February 2014

Muslimgauze – "Hammer and Sickle E.P." (Hessian 1) 1983

Q: How more Black can a sleeve be?
A: “None more Black” (N.Tufnel 1982)

Like a vinyl Burqa (Burka), this 7″ disc is covered with a solid black sleeve. Not too original, see Boyd Rice, Sex Pistols, Spinal Tap etc., but very apt considering Mr Muslimgauze’s leaning towards anything Islamic.Covering up the beauty of this piece,only undressed for the gaze of the purchaser. A sort of audiophile’s (I said audio-phile you tit!), version of an arranged marriage.
Also amusing is how the context of the track entitled “Fear of Gaddaffi” has changed post Arab spring Libya. It now conjures up the fear on Gaddaffi’s face before he was Trepanned by an eager young "rebel",and made sure that oil was to be traded in US Dollars and not gold, as the esteemed leader was planning. Shame though, he was one of the better tyrants, until the new world order powers allied with Al Qaeda to destroy the regime.The same as they are doing in Syria. (although there are real doubts this terrorist organisation exists,beyond a mossad/cia sponsored offshoot of the secret services;objective;to spread fear and put a face behind those false flag attacks to justify the clampdown on freedom,and justify War in the middle east.)


Hammer & Sickle 7:07
Fear Of Gadaffi 3:48
Nettle Cloth 1:49
Baize Tents 2:52

DOWNLOAD a hammer and sickle HERE!

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