Friday, 3 January 2014

Women Of The SS ‎– "Woman Iz Beast" (Inner-X-Musick ‎– XXX 20) 1985

This group seems to be popular with a lot of subordinate young men out there!? It does seem to have that lowest common denominator appeal. The sad fact is, breasts and Swastikas get peoples attention.Especially the attention of you randy little 'erberts out there in the interweb. I bet you lot wish we lost the war! Sadly, I can now reveal that the real women of the SS did not walk around, scantily clad, in crotchless fishnet stockings and rubber peek-a-boo bras.As immortalised in The Bleach Boys' outsider punk classic, "Stocking Clad Nazi death Squad Bitches". But, having seen pictures of these animals, they were usually ugly, in standard female ss uniforms.Not at all sexy.....hang on I think i'm getting a twitcher!? Uh Hum .....Swiftly move on......... That aside, the music on this c-60 is rather marvellous. A creepily ethereal mixture of ambient noise, electronica and some saucy female oral work.(please excuse the pun, but I had to squeeze it in somewhere, phnarr phnarr!) This is far superior to their admittedly  excellent, but flawed, first eponymously titled cassette to be featured soon. Enjoy, BUT NOT TOO MUCH please. Now RAUS!  

Track Listing:

A1 Iron Skirt Introduction 3:49
A2 ORGASM! 3:56
A3 Trying To Please The SS 4:39
A4 Beware, IT Kums 9:06
A5 Slither-You Must 0:46
A6 In Due Time 4:03

B1 Az Kiss A Woman 4:04
B2 Measured In Secret 4:31
B3 Legs So Soft 1:20
B4 Shown Desire 3:31
B5 Punctured 2:27
B6 Will You Watch Me? 8:20
B7 Masterbation Waltz 3:08

DOWNLOAD those swastika girls HERE!


punchup said...

Je suis scotché à ton blog depuis 2 jours... c'est le vertige...
"Priceless" pour citer UBUWeb à propos de toi.

Jonny Zchivago said...

Très heureux de vous avoir collé à ce blog. Il n'est pas probable que vous obtiendrez une chance de vous libérer bientôt, et votre vertige sera pire. ce type de vertige est "Priceless".
Merci a toi et UBUweb.

FEWFACE said...

Merci pour ces femmes en uniformes et vive le bon gout .

Jonny Zchivago said...

Phawoooaarrr! You can't beat a nazi bird in a pair of crotchless fishnets.