Thursday, 16 January 2014

Bene Gesserit - " Best Of " - ( Insane Music ) 1981

Alain Neffe`s Bene Gesserit`s debut release on his Insane Music label.
A twisted form of experimental synth pop is what we have here. The highlight for me being the first track on side B ("Kidnapping"), which sort of invents euro-rap,and its at least a year before Grandmaster Flash hit the european airwaves.
As much as I detest all Rap from the last 25 years, in its early incarnations it did have a DIY charm that was quite infectious. I`ve always loved the White Rap of Mark E. Smith and John Cooper Clarke; and I like the white Rap moments of Bene Gesserit!
Apparently the black kids in the ghetto were witnessed breakdancing to Gary Numan tracks in 1980, they should have been doing the same to Bene Gesserit. If only one of the 50 plus copies of this made it to the Bronx in 1981, the kids could be dancing to a different, more bizarre, tune.(although Gary Numan rules,lets not forget that!)

Track Listing:

Epitaph For A One-Way Love 3:00
Hymne Au Ver 2:45
Gloria 4:00
Fly To Hell 4:15
Kidnapping 3:35
Erg Habbania 3:25
Gppm 2:15
Orchestral Story 3:35
Live In China 1:10

DOWNLOAD some proto belgian electro rap HERE!

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Mark L. said...


Not on this release, but of their output "Tonite" has always been my fave.