Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Portion Control - "A Fair Portion" - (Ladelled Music LM001) 1980

Portion Control eh? Those Hard Industrial Electronics pioneers, Electro Punkers, and purveyors of fine proto-EBM. This is their first cassette from 1980, and a fine piece of classic UK DIY it is too. You can forget those harsh synthesisers, faux-nasty vocals, and hard beats from their later works (to be found elsewhere on this blog). The tunes on this are charmingly inept classic casiotone, commodore 64 gamer pop tunes. Two teenagers finding their way in this new and exciting world full of ,now, primative technology. Shit drum machines clash with cheap mail-order catalogue electric guitars, and splashes of electronic kit self-build Synth.Recorded in that Abbey Road of DIY, 'The Bedroom',the reluctant vocals are at a level that won't attract Mum's attention,its hushed tones are sure not to annoy Dad either.This has more in common with a drunk introverted Instant Automatons than Front 242, and its all the better for it. They even sound like they have a sense of humour! All this, packaged in a hand drawn sleeve.Altogether, rather marvellous!

DOWNLOAD a fair portion HERE!

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ROOKSBY said...

Very strange! I half expected Mark Perry to put in a cameo appearance, it reminds of The Door & The Window in places...