Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Clock DVA -"Group Fragments" (Self Release C-30) 1979

Adi Newton, the bloke who was in the proto-Human League, whose pretentiousness forced him to leave to make council house John Cage references,and allude to intellectualism through such sub-neo-classical phrases as "Prepared Piano". Too clever for me is this bloke.
However;.......this includes the ,excellent, avant electro-pop tune "You're Without Sound" (the correctly spelled version), which was one of the many highlights on the legendary "Hicks from the Sticks" compilation from 1980.
As it says on the cover, this was recorded at "western Works" ,the recording facility of his Industrial buddies, Cabaret Voltaire. A bit of name dropping does wonders to your personal legend.
Nevertheless, a very interesting tape,streaks ahead of the Clock's post 1980 works, and trés obscure (thats french y'know).


No 2
You're Without Sound
Le Viol
Prepared Piano

DOWNLOAD these fragments of a better past HERE!

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ROOKSBY said...

Does anybody know what the spoken intro to this cassette is, it's been creeping me out for years?

The Hafler Trio appropriated it many years later too, from exactly the same source by the sound of it.