Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Ramleh ‎– "We Created It, Let's Take It Over Vol 1" (Pure Records) 1995/1982

Ramleh;- Noise Super group combination of Kleistwahr, Consumer Electronics, and Whitehouse members; but then again aren't all these people in every Power Electronics/noise band from the early eighties? Listening to their records, you could easily be mistaken to think they are all the same record anyway!? Taken in isolation, these works are superb damaged pieces of dysfunctional non-music, that challenge the listener in their very definition as 'Music'; but, I'd struggle to identify the difference between most of them, except maybe Whitehouse, and even they sound a lot like Consumer Electronics, or vice versa. This, three volume, compilation, gathers together the best of the early cassette releases by this anti-super group; in this case from "Onslaught"(Iphar 1982), and "31/05/1962" (Broken Flag 1982). The normal adjectives of vicious atonal dissonant racket applies. Great listening for depressives, and/or angry loners. And, YAAAAAAWN, we get the obligatory Nazi on the info sheet above. I suppose without Nazi's we wouldn't have anything on the TV, no Methadone, and we wouldn't have landed on the moon, so they're not that bad, are they????.........oh, hang on, we didn't land on the moon did we?............Whoever, "we",are!  

Track Listing:
1 Suction 3:13
2 Throatsuck 5:41
3 Deathtoll 4:10
4 Ramleh 5:16
5 Emaciator 4:08
6 Onslaught 3:01
7 Phenol 8:26
8 Fistfuck 6:31

DOWNLOAD,create it,and take it over, HERE (part 1)

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