Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Ramleh ‎– "We Created It, Let's Take It Over Vol 2" (Pure Records) 1995/1982

If you enjoy sounds like swarms of savage bees fed through a cheap distortion pedal, accompanied by screaming hostages locked in a cellar, with lashings of blunt drill bits ripping through rusty plate steel? Then this is definitely for you. Or, why not spend an hour or so making it yourself? All you need is a crap microphone, a crapper synthesiser, one distortion pedal,one echo/delay unit, and a recording device. Maybe the odd piece of dialogue recorded from some documentary about Nazi's to be interspersed here and there ,feed it all through a cheapo mixer, and twist the eq's a lot.Photocopy a couple of pictures of B-list Nazi's, call your songs after the most obscure concentration camp you can find on the internet, and scream lyrics about the Moors Murderers until you bust a blood vessel. Instant Industrial style power electronics. If you don't want your neighbours to think you are a latent raving serial killer, then maybe you should just content yourself with downloading some stuff that was made thirty years ago. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Ramleh's greatest cassette Hiss, volume two.  

Track Listing:

1 McCarthy 3:37
2 Purge 5:28
3 Drancy 4:18
4 Korpolagnia 4:02
5 A Return To Slavery 4:46
6 Nordhausen 4:45
7 New Force 3:54
8 Phenol 8:27

DOWNLOAD or create and take it over yourself, HERE volume 2!

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