Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Kilburn and The High Roads ‎– "Wotabunch!" (Warner Bros. Records ‎– K56513) 1978

The Kilburn's second album('Wotabunch!') was recorded before their first ('Handsome'),in 1974, and were(almost) exactly the same!.....except that I prefer "Wotabunch!" to "Handsome". Released as a cash-in on Ian Dury's recent success  by the despicable Wanker Brothers label. they added 'Featuring Ian Dury' to the band name to appeal to the average 'New Wave' customer. I'm sure some dick in the WB offices suggested that they call it 'Ian Dury and Kilburn and The High-Roads' at some juncture in the farce that is/was the record industry.
Can't be arsed to write anymore so here's some cut'n'paste from wankypeadia:
'Wotabunch! is much closer to their live sound than the softer, polished Handsome versions. Dury was not pleased with the release due to a remix featuring the addition of strings. The final remix for the recordings was done more or less behind Dury's back, while on he was on a week-long holiday. However, this was soon to be irrelevant, as shortly after the sessions were over Raft (the record label that had signed the band) folded. The bands on the Raft label were told that they would go to WEA, who owned Raft, but after a visit from WEA's top man Joe Smith at a concert, Kilburn & The Highroads were dropped.'.......there you go.


The Call Up 2:26
Crippled With Nerves 3:07
Patience (So What?) 2:03
You're More Than Fair 3:05
Upminster Kid 3:33
Billy Bentley 3:40
Huffety Puff 2:16
Rough Kids 3:19
The Roadette Song 3:10
The Badger And The Rabbit 2:42
The Mumble Rumble And The Cock Tail Rock 3:47
Pam's Moods 3:00


Damian_Andres said...

Ya lo tengo!
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Got the record!

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RIP Ian Dury.