Wednesday, 18 May 2022

Amok – "Warm Leeches Dance" (ADN – ADN TAPES 17) 1985

There are two modern musical idioms that Italians seem to have taken a rosy view upon,Progressive Rock being the most obvious, and the other,being that which is loosely termed 'industrial'. A genre, that is in fact, Progressive Rock for persons who can't actually play any instruments,unless left field literature is an instrument?
Here we find Mr Amok ,Enrico Piva, giving us a lesson in overthinking,inspired by Freud's "Jenseits des Lustprinzip (Death Pulsion)", which we've all read haven't we?
Of course the word 'Death' has to make an appearance,but thankfully Enrico has mercifully left out any boringly obvious Nazi references......which makes me think that this isn't Industrial music at all...that's for arse-lickers. This is more like a sound installation,made for an audience of chin stroking sub-intellectual posers who really wish they were at a Van Der Graaf Generator gig...I know I do.
Genesis P. being Ironic..... Again!?
I bet you he'd read "Jenseits des Lustprinzip"....or maybe wishes he had?

Amok, however non-amok this tape is,is perfect background muzak for your Abstract Impressionism soirée held every other Tuesday at the community centre;but if you last ten minutes into side one I'll give you a candy bar,augmented by a nice squishy Leech or two. 
It was,however, recorded in a steel barge in Finland after all?


A1 Warm Leeches Dance 29:42
B1 Warm Leeches Dance 29:43

DOWNLOAD some dance musick for bloodsuckers HERE!

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