Tuesday, 31 May 2022

Ende Shneafliet – "Animals From Outer Space" (Trumpett – trum 0003) 1981

The titles of A lot of the greatest shite-fi movies end with the epithet "From Outer Space"; "Teenagers from...." "Plan Nine From...", "It Came From..." etc, so one must welcome a DIY minimal synth tape from Holland onto the pantheon of low budget genius and be suitably deferential.
You know what you're gonna get with this C-60 on the near faultless Trumpett label; cheap drum machines, uncrowded analogue synth monophonia, and plenty whispering Dutch robo-geezers keeping the noise down so as not to annoy their parents watching Dutch TV downstairs in the windmill. Sounding not unlike a bunch of circuit bent speak and spell machines.
I was gonna say '...and then they got a job'....but, it seems they are still at it today!?


A1 Animals From Outer Space
A2 Alien
A3 Midnight Train
A4 The Day Detlef Macha Won
A5 Macho Japanese
A6 Ant People
A7 Hangman
A8 Elephant's Cakewalk
A9 Zitronen Riolplastik
B1 Crüsoe's Roots
B2 Panzerfaust 60 M
B3 Mein Gänschen
B4 Der Blöde Hund
B5 Twistin On The Tombstones
B6 Vampirella
B7 Aeroplane
B8 My Mother Sells Tuperware
B9 Charybass
B10 Elephant's Cakewalk
B11 Tupperware


P M X said...

Impossible to resist!

Vaykorus said...


P M X said...

This group, this album - I can't even put into words how much of an impact it has on me. Thank you so much for this blog, for keeping it fresh and tediously posting all this amazing stuff (I gave up in 2008, after reaching the RIAA's Top 10 Most Wanted - itscomingoutofyourspeaker.blogspot.com). It is a thankless job, so Thanks!

Jonny Zchivago said...

Ha! You gave up before i even started....sept 2009,including one deletion enacted by google.That was fun.
I enjoy the writing part,it amuses me as much as i hope it amuses others.