Saturday, 7 May 2022

Paul Kelday – "Odznsodz" (Börft Records – Börft057) 1992

Another Paul Kelday compilation,with a couple of tracks you may have heard before upon it's hallowed ferric oxide.  They fade in,fade out,having no beginning nor end.Quite like the endless dark abyss that surrounds us.Paul drags us gently within several parcecs  of the end of Infinity....which is a loooong way...especially near the end.You think you can see it, but then it gets further away.Always out of reach.What exists beyond the end of the multi-verse? Logic dictates that there has to be Nothing,but Nothing must also therefore be something with defined boundaries,beyond which lies something that is less than Zero,where even nothing can't exist.Beyond that is Paul Kelday? Probably not,but I had to write something,rather than 'Nothing'.Which only exists if you're looking at it,between its quotation marks,just as music only exists if you're listening to it,beyond which lies the Nub. "All of this wouldn't exist if we weren't here to see it,or in this case Listen to it."...for the brighter ones amongst you,that's called the Anthropic Principle" and a fine argument against Intelligent design. Just as the Misanthropic Principle is a fine argument against the continuation of Human 'civilisation'...again,subject to opinion and Quotation marks.One day we will all fade out,just as we faded a Paul Kelday track in fact.

DOWNLOAD tracks previously released on various cassette compilations across Infinity HERE!


snoopy said...

You are not going to fade out. You're not finished here. There must be thousands more punk rock records on this planet you have yet to post. And when you're done here, you'll find another planet in this galaxy with more punk rock records. That civilization, plus many others, will be millions of years older than this one, so there'll be quite a bit more records to post on this blog. Then it's off to Andromeda to find millions more planets with millions of years of punk. Then when you're done with this galactic cluster, you'll find others. All the punk rock records from all the planets in all the galaxies in this universe have yet to be posted.
Then you'll have to slip into the next alternate universe that's almost the same as this one, except on all those records, every singer sang a little more offkey (than they already did). You'll have to bring those records back to this one, and post them. All those punk rock, pub rock, glam rock, post punk, industrial records have yet to be posted.

Jonny Zchivago said...

Cheers Snoppy,you have raised the possibility that we may not be doomed after all;although i've heard that the punk scene in Andromeda is shite....just below Members level.But the best news for them is that they are on a collision course with the Milky <Way,so in a few thousand million years time they will gain from our superior punk knowledge;I hope to beam a digital version of this blog in their direction to prepare them to accept what is and what ain't.