Wednesday, 19 January 2022

Cerrone – "Cerrone's Paradise" (Malligator – 773 802) 1977


I had a Fridge like that once.I made my girlfriend live on top of it until I decided what to do with her....I say girlfriend,but really I mean Hostage.
In-between massive Disco Hits,Cerrone developed a sideline providing handy cold storage facilities for the discerning serial killer,with enough room inside for dismembered body parts and beer for parties with those Pro-nouns boys and girls....or, 'her'. fellow murderers and sex killers.Initial units came with a complimentary bone saw and head size Acid Bath.
He didn't sell too many,mainly because he must have been using them him...slash...her,self.I mean, what the fuck is that album cover about?
If he wasn't creepy enough before then he was certainly creepy enough after this records release......on his own label may I add,just in case you were questioning Marc's DIY credentials. I suppose most killers and Rapists are DIY aren't they.....there are cases where they manipulate some gullible idiot to do it for them,but that's quite rare.Unless we're including the 'Holocaust' in this discussion of course?...which we're aren't.
Not Cerrone's greatest album, but the Disco Cheese quotant is comfortably High grade Disco Roquefort.He likes anything with blue veins on it does our Marc.
Worth it for that nutty cover alone.If Cerrone wasn't at least a rapist, I'd be somewhat surprised.Or just a Pop star in the seventies which, basically, means the same thing.
Question: What's white and crawls down the inside of a fridge?
Answer: Cerrone's latest Release.


A Cerrone's Paradise 16:30
B1 Take Me 6:07
B2 Time For Love 6:15
B3 Cerrone's Paradise 3:31


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