Tuesday, 20 October 2020

ZOG - "Happy Happy Happy!" (Year Zero Records - YEAR050) 2020

More ruthless self-promotion with yet another jolly album by those little rays of sunshine in a dark planet,ZOG.
Happiness is a choice boys and girls, and you can find it in the most unusual of locations.One such location is the totally improvised Bass and Drums interplay surfing on a bed of samples and electronics that is ZOG! Drums - Christophe Medina Bass and stuff - Jonny Zchivago Cover by Andy Tithesis (Dysgeusia Records) Tracklisting:
1. Klaus Barbie Dolls (7:17) 2. In Search Of Potatoes (06:37) 3. Solids (08:12) 4. You Will Become Like Us (07:41) 5. Your Children Will Inherit This Fuck Up (06:33) 6. Happy! Happy! Happy! (22:36)



Anonymous said...

You push them around in a wheelbarrow and I can't help but respect that.

Jim Morrison cracks an absinthe smile.

Anonymous said...

If you leave me now

you'll take away the biggest parrrrrrrt of me

oooooooo No baby please don't gooooooo

Anonymous said...

Zog? That be so wayciss! The bass is the best and the crazy voice.
Love some good mega ass bass fartz in the morning.
Potatoes? We don't no stinking potatoes.

Anonymous said...

The ZOB is funny with the pup tentacle. Sporty Spice inspires me in that manner and vintage Cosey. The back of 20 Jazz Funk Greats with the skirt hiking is so hot.
I need some more cocoa butter and I'll give ya a dollar for your Pokemon buttplug.