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Various Artists ‎– "Sad Day We Left The Croft" (Adult Entertainments ‎– ADD 1LP) 1981

"Sad Day We Left The Croft" is a compilation of punk and new wave pwer pop combo's from,of all places, the Scottish Hebridean island of Lewis, recorded in 1980 and released in 1981.
There's so little to do on Lewis, that all the bands seem to have had plenty time to rehearse the art of being 'Raw' to perfection. Also they must have had only one record to listen to, namely Stiff Little Fingers' "Inflammable Material", and maybe a couple of Buzzcocks Singles too. 
Noise Annoys could easily be mistaken for Jake Burns and crew, especially that trademark affected shouty singing.All this despite having a snare drum that sounds like its a full biscuit tin. The Rong also have that popular SLF timbre to their tracks,but not the songs.
Its not all copycat power punk stuff however, The Bruce Wayne Band, seem like a fine bunch,and The Bland had obviously managed to tune into Radio One after 10pm inbetween the storms and the fog.
Disturbingly, Addo With Mission,conspired to become Dire Straits somehow? Their track 'Ocean Of Love' is basically "Sultans Of Swing"(Part 2)!!!!!.....disturbing yes, but that quaint kinda disturbing that Dire Straits lacked enormously.
All this adds up to the best Scottish local compilation by a country mile.

Track Listing:

1.Noise Annoys: "Living (in the world today)" – 1:28
2.The Rong: "Treatment" – 3:38
3.The Bland: "River Creed" – 4:28
4.Addo: "Deep down inside" – 5:56
5.The Subjects: "Paradise" – 5:14
6.Bruce Wayne Band: "First year fear" – 2:53
7.Dirty Girls: "Love or lust?" – 1:34
8.The Rong: "Union Jack" – 2:29
9.The Bland: "Letters while travelling" – 2:43
10.Addo: "Ocean of love" – 6:07
11.The Subjects: "Coming to save you?" – 4:14
12.Bruce Wayne Band: "Nightmares" – 2:04
13.Noise Annoys: "New heroes" – 1:25


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Thanks. Was pleasantly surprised. Considering that this came from a remote community with the population of a small town I've heard more disappointing comps from big cities.

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