Wednesday, 19 September 2018

Various Artists ‎– "Messthetics #105, Scotland 1977-81" (Hyped To Death ‎– Messthetics #105) 2007

Sorry, No Deacon Blue here.
It's the Messthetics Scotland compilation innit?
Its got all the classics on here, The Fakes, The Exile,He's Dead Jim, Scrotum Poles,plus bonus tracks, plus many many more.
Not Avalable in shops.
File under UK DIY.

1 –Scrotum Poles- Helicopter Honeymoon 1:42
2 –Fire Engines- New Thing In Cartons 3:39
3 –35mm Dreams- More Than This 2:15
4 –The Exile- Jubilee 77 3:03
5 –Commercials- Simon 2:18
6 –Fakes- Sylvia Clarke 2:37
7 –Metropak- You're A Rebel 3:33
8 –Tony Pilley- Waiting For The Man 2:29
9 –Visitors - Moth 2:22
10 –Article 58- Event To Come 2:41
11 –Radio Ghosts- Falling Into Darkness 2:40
12 –Rapid Dance- Hidden So Well 3:29
13 –Strutz- Break Point 4:09
14 –Metropak- Looking 3:24
15 –Vertical Smiles- New Clash Single 2:12
16 –Ettes- A Conversation 1:45
17 –Restricted Code- New Messiah 1:51
18 –Radio Ghosts- My Room 4:50
19 –Brills- Gang Of One 2:30
20 –Rhythm Method - Insight 2:20
21 –Dirty Reds- Bad Sex 2:53
22 –He's Dead Jim - Towel On The Radiator+Lampshade Lampshade 2:55
23 –Jazzateers- Blue Moon Over Hawaii 4:02
24 –Paul Reekie- Lovers 6:10
25 –35mm Dreams- Suburbia Sheikhs (First Demo) 3:11
26 –Commercials- Speeds The End (Demo) 3:16
27 –Friction - Mystery 3:59
28 –International Spys- Baby Don't Go (Demo) 2:21
29 –Restricted Code- Then There Was You (Demo) 2:00
30 –Article 58- Idol (Unreleased) 1:28
31 –Vertical Smiles- Carnal Knowledge (Radio Airthrey Demo) 3:05
32 –Cats Eyes - Guilt (Demo) 3:35
33 –Scrotum Poles- Put An End To It All (A Shot In The Dark Go Pop Session) 1:34


Andy Tithesis said...

I love me some messthetics! But damn you're brave. Aren't these cunts that put this out that are as bad as the Flying Nun twats at throwing a full on snitch bitch tantrum (or Hal for short ☻) over anyone sharing the other people's shit that they stole themselves or got donated for free and so are whoring out I suppose you could say!? Damn that was a long quip-n-question. Sorry. Anyways good luck dude I am hiding under the desk. Feel free to take your pants off. You know because it's summer and it gets hot and stuff... but mostly for this. There are many ways to pay for booty. That's a pirate joke hoe. ♥

Jonny Zchivago said...

yES, i'VE HEARD OF A RATHER HEFTY SLICE OF HYPOCRICY EMANATING FROM THAT BLOKE AT HYPED2DEATH, BUTCH OR SOMTHING HE'S CALLED.....caps fer feltching nun, i have received none......none? geddit?.....other total cunts are,Come Org, Hal McGee, Zoviet France,Chris and Cosey(aka Industrial Records),Crawling Chaos, and the bird from Nine Circles who got apoplectic when I described her and her older boyfriend as Paedophile Parents.
Anyway I still have my three strikes intact from Google,and its all backed up, so bring it on.

Anonymous said...

The blokes name is Chuck Warner. I have a shelf full of his CDr's that are unplayable any longer due to disc rot and paper labels. I reach out to him for a few replacements maybe - he suggests I find a circa 1999 IDE 24x CD-ROM drive "cuz they work for me..." rrright.