Wednesday, 26 September 2018

Toy Love ‎– "Toy Love" (Deluxe Records ‎– Z 20008,) 1980

One of the better New Zealander New Wave groups was Toy Love(as featured on AK:79); Uk equivalents are possibly The Flys(?) I suppose,purely as a point of reference.
I like this kinda stuff, melodic and unchallenging music to prepare a meal to.New Wave/Power Pop was 1980's folk music for me.


I Don't Mind
Swimming Pool
Death Rehersal
Bride Of Frankenstein
Toy Love Song
Photographs Of Naked Ladies
The Crunch
Ain't It Nice
Cold Meat
Don't Catch Fire
Green Walls
Pull Down The Shades
Fast Ostrich


jonder said...

Lovely! Thank you.

Slacker said...

The 2CD version corrected some of the problems with the shitty recording. TL are best heard IMHO on 'Live at the Gluepot' or the slightly-less-official 'Live at the Cook', upon which they sound terrific.

Love Chris Knox - his DIY solo stuff was ace, as were the Tall Dwarfs.