Thursday, 27 September 2018

The Scavengers ‎– "The Scavengers" (Action Records) 1978/2003

Also from the AK:79 album comes this posthumous album from The Scavengers, recorded in 1978.
Its that pubrock/original Punk Rock template of speeded up Chuck Berry riffs.....a style I can't get enough of. It also has that sweet whiff of those Outsider Punk groups from the arse-end of the UK, which gives it some much needed authenticity.
Things went downhill terminally for at least one member (Ronnie Recent/Brendon Perry), as he joined Dead Can Dance!!!!? As Ronnie was born in Whitechapel,London, he was probably responsible for the cockney inflections heard in the vocals.
A rather amusing addition to this album are the excerpts from a TV report on Punk Rock from the New Zealand media.Pure Gold.


A1 Mysterex
A2 Born To Bullshit
A3 True Love
A4 Twentyone
A5 Brick In The Wall
B1 Money In The Bank
B2 Routine
B3 Supported By The State
B4 Violence
B5 Mysterex (Alternate Version)

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