Friday, 28 September 2018

The Dead C ‎– "The Dead See Perform M. Harris" (Diabolic Root) 1987

Comfortably the best band from New Zealand are, obviously, The Dead C. Roundly disliked by musicians everywhere, they perfected the art of sounding incredibly awful, which isn't as easy as it sounds.
I remember,possibly inaccurately, a Dead C member responding to a question about why their records were so badly recorded; to which he replied, "They're not,they are extremely professional and accurate recordings of what we actually sound like."
This C-30 of live rehearsals from early in 1987, is a typical scratchy improvised deconstruction of rock music into somekind of musical no-mans land,strewn with bomb craters full of dirty water,bone fragments and rusty barbed wire. The vocals are inaudible, the guitars sound like they replaced their plectrums with hacksaws,and it all sounds like they were playing in the next room.Perfect.

A With Help From Max Harris
B Beyond Help From Max Harris

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