Monday, 24 September 2018

Jandek ‎– "The Place" (Corwood Industries ‎– Corwood 0772) 2003

(Said in the voice of Marvin the paranoid Android): "Oh Goody, Its Jandek Monday Again. Life? Don't talk to me about life!...Oh God I'm soooo depressed!"

Another shop window dummies album cover to twin up with the bridal version for 'The Gone Wait' from the same year.This time Jan....can I call him 'Jan'?....swaps from detuned bass back to detuned acoustic guitar.
The weapon has changed but the effect stays the same. Like being hit across the face with a wet fish loaded with steel chains. Is life really this bad?.......i'm tempted to say 'Yes', or 'worse', but i'm sick of being labelled a I won't.....Yeah the existential torment of being an intelligent beast is great.....really, really good fun. That Jandek oughta lighten up a bit?.... Scheeech!
I'm going out dancin' now to express my Joy, while you miserable bastards stay in your bedrooms listening to Jandek moaning about shit we'd rather forget.


1 The Picture 9:25
2 The Place 7:03
3 The Highway 6:28
4 The Answer 4:31
5 The Stumble 8:55


Anonymous said...

Hello Jonny...been listen on and off since the Units effort, more off than on but I must say i feel this may be his near commercial breakthrough for the hipster crowd, they'll hate but only in private.
With their peers they'll be praising it as a genius piece of 'outfolk trance' or some such.


Jonny Zchivago said...

Indeed, Jandek's entire ouvre may well be a pile of stinking crap that the pretentious ones among us read stuff into that just aint could actually be a genius piece of Avant-OutFolk.
Personally I'd like to think is a charming accident made by someone with obvious problems.If I found out that Jandek put any thought into all this i'd be devastated.