Saturday, 18 August 2018

The Ceramic Hobs ‎– "Disturbing 'Boxing Ring' Fantasies" (Pumf Records And Tapes ‎– PUMF 133) 1988

Classic UK DIY madness from Blackpools 'Ceramic Hobs'.One of the few,if not the only,original perps of cassette based affronts to musicianship and common decency that are still doing it today!
A C-60 jam-packed with no-fi third generation cassette-to-cassette overdubbed psychopathy like it was recorded off a cheap television in a lounge room full of soft furnishings.
Anything that has a song about my favourite British seventies sit-com, 'On The Buses', has to be good?
These silly boys NEVER sold out.......and nor should you!


A1 What Can You Do ? (Excerpt)
A2 This Is Egg !
A3 Meat Is Tebbit
A4 Big Frog
A5 Exceedingly Good Weasels
A6 On The Buses
A7 Pineapple Protest
A8 Futile, Ron
A9 Cupcakes
A10 Antisocial Insecurity
A11 The Truth About Carrots
A12 Bob Holness Must Die
A13 Toast From The Piggy-Bank
A14 Louie Louie Bleriot
A15 Apricot Quilt
A16 Tortured By Sparklers
A17 Kiss Me, Hardy
A18 Toffee Apple Death
B1 Happy Hour
B2 Occasional Drizzle
B3 The Bucket Filled Twice
B4 Sperm From The Ayatollah
B5 Knockout Honeycomb Pituitary Gland
B6 The Yew Survives From The Ancient Woodland


Michael said...

is your enjoyment of on the buses analogous to your enjoyment of bass phase jandek?

Jonny Zchivago said...

In a word..."Yes!"
In future decades, if the world still exists in its current format.'on The Buses' will be taught in schools alongside Shakespeare.....and Jandek for that matter.

Anonymous said...

Great article.