Monday, 6 August 2018

Jandek ‎– "The End Of It All" (Corwood Industries ‎– Corwood 0775) 2004

No,It's not the end of it all, it's Jandek Monday, and this is "The End Of It All" CD. It might seem and sound like the end of it all, but the earth and indeed, Jandek himself, carried on existing another 14 years and counting after this baleful whine was recorded.
I quite like the sound of the guitar abuse on this one,which has a grisly metallic chime quility,as recorded in an empty bathroom.

1 One Of Those Moments 20:15
2 I Hadn't Been There Before 5:49
3 They Don’t Matter At All 5:36
4 I Met You 8:12

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Maicon Mendes said...

the end of jandek monday? ):