Tuesday, 21 August 2018

Various Artists - "Pumf The Magic Dragon/More Things Weird and Wonderful" (Pumf Records and Tapes Pumf 126) 1988

Many a Ceramic Hobs record was released on a completly disinterested world by Pumf Records.Mainly because pStan of said group, ran it.
A label not renowned for their classy artwork, Pumf, from Blackpool, have been around since the mid eighties, and continue to churn out reams of aurally unpleasant sonic terrorism in this very awful modern arena that we are captives within.
This compilation from the most terrible year on record.....88....also,incidently the number of keys on a piano, including both ebony and ivory.....ebony and ecstasy more like. What a shit drug for music or what?
There are no idiot dancing anthems on this compilation,thankfully,as Pumf remained an oasis of sanity throughout that very shit epoch.
To recommend this tape further, it has Yximaloo on it,and I dunno if the 'Ball' listed here is Kramer's Band of the same name from the same era? Apart from that its full of hopelessly obscure nutters and weirdos from North West England......and there are a lot of 'em up there!


1. Cyclic Amp - "Kill"
2. Troll - "An Apple and some Crumpets"
3. Yximalloo - "When The moon Is Full"
4. Howl In The Typewriter - "Water yr Plants"
5. Henry - "Howards Cookery Book"
6. Ball - "Poking In The Jungle"
7. Culture Shock - "Pressure"
8. Dandelion Adventure - "Preacher"
9. Def-A-Kators - "War's a Bore"
10.Xipe Totek - "Untitled"
11.Tracey Metroplis - "Grapevine"
12.Barbara Dwyer - "Dinners on the Table"
13.Ball - "3D Sound"
14.Yximalloo - "Sway Of the Spirit"
15.Howl In The RTypewriter - "Touch"
16.Cyclic Amp - "Him"
17.Henry - "lets Sack City Hall"
18.Dandelion ASdventure - "1997"
19.Troll - "Sun Dial"
20.Culture shock - "Don't Worry About It"
21.Tracey Metroplois - "Its Not Unusual"
22.Yximalloo - "Ring Of Horror"
23.Ball - "Lucy in Disguise With Diamonds"
24.Xipe Totek - "untitled"
25.Barbara Dwyer -"Hey Lawman what gives"
26.Def-A-Kators - "I'm Only Happy When I'm Killing My Grandma"

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Slacker said...

Ball sounds like a Middlesbrough band I saw (always as the support band) on a number of occasions around 84-85 when I was incarcerated there at the Polytechnic. Their most memorable song was entitled 'Much more fun than having a wank'... whether or not they were is still unclear to me.