Monday, 13 August 2018

Gods Gift ‎– "Pathology 1979-1984" (Hyped To Death ‎– Messthetics #218) 2009

Jandek Monday is sadly cancelled today,due to unpalatable weather conditions!.....he will return next monday,internet willing.
So,to wrap up the subject of Manchester we have......
Another Manchester Musicians Collective band, as heard on "Unzipping The Abstract",who patently wish they were The Fall,but the best they could do was The Fall without Mark Edward 'Ark' (I think they were called)...or even worse, 'Brix Smith and the Extricated'!!!!?
Track one ,however, could have been a stadium yob-rock anthem, a la, Kasabian,and there are plenty of other jolly entertaining DIY alt-pop songs to help one pass a cosy evening when the internet is it was today after a rather voilent thunderstorm.
My village was full of panicing peasants as if an asteroid had appeared in the sky hurtling towards us.....the end of the world....or....Gods gift?


1 Anaesthetic
2 Clamour Club
3 Jaqueline's Admission
4 No God (12" Version)
5 Discipline
6 The Strong And The Weak
7 People
8 Soldiers (12" Version)
9 Good And Evil
10 People (7" Version)
11 Creeps In
12 Man Of Two Men
13 Then Calm Again
14 Nico
15 Deicide (Their Soul Is Hate)
16 Disturbed 4:31
17 Working Class Man

DOWNLOAD this gift from god HERE!


Anonymous said...

Zchivago's Gift.

Leedshippriest said...

Cheers for posting,

Gods Gift one of those bands I wish I'd heard more of at the time, sadly I only owned one track courtesy of Unzipping the Abstract and only heard odd bits Peel played.

Read an interesting interview from 10 years ago here if anyone's interested

Thanks again for posting