Saturday, 25 August 2018

Flipper ‎– "Gone Fishin' "(Subterranean Records ‎– SUB 42) 1984

We're takin' a bit of a detour as I'm Goin' on Vacation; so appropriatly Flipper's least popular album "Gone Fishin'" will be here on the front page for nigh on a week.
Where am I goin', no-one is askin'?
So I'll tell ya.
During WW2, my father baled out of a crashing Bomber over the coast of Brittany, France, after bombing those darn Nazi Submarine Pens at St. Nazaire. He landed under darkness on Belle Ile, a small island in the Bay of Biscay.The rest of the crew weren't so lucky, as they crashed into the sea,all killed;the tail gunner having also parachuted, but landed in the ruthless waters of the ocean, in February, and perished.
Daddy Zchivago, was avoiding Nazis for three days, then they got him, and locked him up in a castle called 'the Citadel'.After interrogating him for three days they shipped him out to Poland.
The 'Citadel is now a Hotel, so thats where I'm-a-stayin'.So i'm testing my genetic memory for any feelings of deja-vu!?
I can also pay my respects over the graves of the fallen members of my fathers crew.....mostly Canadians I may add.
Also i get to hang out at the monolithic Submarine Pens for some WW2 ghoulery. Passing by Oradour-sur-Glane on the way too.....major league atrocity site.
Flipper are one of those conventional groups that you sorta like, but there's something uncomfortable and contrary about The Fall. Anyway i've grown to like this album a lot,including its inherant unlikeability factor, which is always essential in great art.

Oh's the tracklisting and Download link for the Flipper Album.....:


The Light, The Sound, The Rhythm, The Noise
First The Heart
In Life My Friends
Survivors Of The Plague 

Talk's Cheap
You Nought Me
One By One


Anonymous said...

Done! Enjoy your holidays! Cheers, J.

W. said...

I've done my duty - damn, that was easy, and I feel good for it.

Anonymous said...

Another entitled California rich kids punk band. :) Have a great vacation. I'll miss your posts. Always thought Flipper was grunge before grunge.

Anonymous said...

Enjoy the trip!

Jonny Zchivago said...

Don't get me going on Rich Kids doing The Germs?
Better than Grunge though?....Grunge = just rock in crap clothes or what?
I intend to enjoy my trip ,thanks you lovely people you.

Especially thanks for doing your Duty W. you will be rewarded, with a temporarily Fascist free moment.

Anonymous said...

is not the EU under the globalist dictatorship "tradewise" and "financially"? is not NATO also "militarily"? heads you lose. tails you lose. pick your poison. somehow i doubt Europeans' "rights" by definition is freedom. In Canada we have "Acts", in the guise of "rights" on a flawed "constitution" (a con job), the "Acts" mean MONARCHAL DICTATORSHIP. The words mean the exact opposite of what they convey by Law...

happy travels.

Jonny Zchivago said...

Happy Travels...exactly....I can currently travel,work,live,and love wherever i want in the EU.Thats the freedom i can enjoy as a citizen of the Union.
Personally i think globalisation is a good idea instead of this flag waving not on my doorstep micro empire stuff that has repressed its inhabitants since history began.There are vested interests in keeping that going which lead to twats like trump.
Of course any government is a dictatorship almost by definition,that is something that can't be escaped...preferable to being ruled by your stronger next door neighbour.Like that stupid referendum.....never ask the Public what they want......there'd be a new holocaust.
Now i'm off to play at being free for a week.Then its back to being oppressed.

Anonymous said...

Bon voyage! That submarine base looks incredible...

Anonymous said...

Sadly, I cannot even sign this petition. As an EU (soon to be British) citizen living and working outside the EU I also didn't get a vote in the referendum (at that time I missed the cut off by a month I think). I had wanted to return to the EU at a later date and worked either in mainland Europe or the UK but I guess I'll just have to go back to the UK and claim benefits instead!

Mike Oxlong said...

the EU is a good thing (I'm not great with words) I've signed it, I hope it works out

Jonny Zchivago said...

Mike,Don't worry, the fat lazy racist cunts who voted BREXshit aren't very good with words either, in fact they aren't very good with thinking either.
Thanks for signing.

AC said...

Flipper was unconditionally great before Will Shatter died, this record included. "One By One" ranks as one of their best songs, a stark monument to the insignificance of human existence in the grand scheme of things. I already have a digital version of this, but thanks for posting it Mike.

Flipper = grunge? Wow. ABSURD. If you were around when they were making these early records, you knew that Flipper's music stood in opposition to pretty much everything, mainstream, metal, hardcore punk, post-punk and "new wave" (whatever the fuck that was). About their closest touchpoint to the music of the time is the pessimism of Peter Hammill's solo work, which Will Shatter was a huge fan of. They perplexed, pissed off and generally annoyed/amused a large cross-section of music fans, managing to attract a following of real weirdos, somewhat like Beefheart had done a decade before. They were influential to be sure, but they were unique. Shatter was dead in 1987, effectively ending Flipper, well before grunge was inflicted upon the world.

RIP Will Shatter. Shed No Tears.

Anonymous said...

i'm sorry for your own set of circumstances but there is a important factor here which people shouldn't be overlooking which is that in the UK we have a huge amount of people from various parts of europe living and working over here and it's just too much, a few would be fine but not as many as there are. how on earth can this be a good thing i don't know..well unless your the middle/upper class who are the only ones benefiting from the situation by filling their pockets with money out of the expense of the british working class. the competition for jobs is too much and landlords can get away with charging what they want to rent because of the amount of people looking for somewhere to live. i don't have anything against anyone annd i'm fine to live in a mixed community but we can't pretend that the amount of people that have come to live here hasn't effected anyone for the worse. sorry but i think brexit needs to happen for this reason

The Masaccio of Gonzo said...

Love this! Broke my Flipper cherry w/this album, ordered via mail order back in them there pre-Internets days. I blast it loud whenever I feel a stray any-music-that-sucks sound waffling towards my ears.

Jonny Zchivago said...

tO aNONYMOUS you signed the petition then?......the immigration 'problem' has nothing to do with the EU....the 3.8m EU citizens are more than covered by the 5m UK citizens who work and live abroad. The UK Govt always had the power to resist immigration from the rest of the planet, but chose not to do anything about it...including Mrs May when she was in the home office. There are thousands of vacancies that the UK can't fill without immigration, even at the height of the immigration crisis; even the expansion of the border services cannot get the recruits for the coming post Brexit ironic it will be to import workers from Romania to man the customs checkpoints after brexit?. You are the victim of UKIP/Tommy Robinson style propaganda.

Anonymous said...

"the fat lazy racist cunts who voted BREXshit aren't very good with words either, in fact they aren't very good with thinking either."

Start with a series of Ad Hominem attacks and end with another. Rigorous logic there.

There is nothing preventing you from going or staying in any country after we leave the European Union if you satisfy whatever criteria that country has. Those of us who remain in Britain , can then make our own laws and not be walked all over any more. You are entitled to your opinion, but insulting the majority if your fellow countrymen, who actually live here, like my hard working, successful and slim friend of parents of Indian descent who fled Idi Amin with the shirts on their back, shows that your own seething resentment might be more of a problem.

Jonny Zchivago said...

Is this a new Anonymous? Or someone reading out the Daily Mail?
Rather not have to apply to live where i'm already living thanks....thanks to an increasing minority in my motherland...and how awfully noble and inclusive of you to refer to your slim indian friends.....a classic case of .."I'm not Racist,but...."....ooooh they're ever so hard working y' if they weren't you'd want them out too? Like our very sucessful and hard working EU citizens?.....we already make our own Laws.....which Laws are you referring to that 'we' didn't make or agree to ourselves exactly....the shape of bananas? Come on name one.

Jonny Zchivago said...

PS, any more fledgling Aaron Banks's who wanna comment are gonna get No Platformed from now on. I reserve the right to block this right wing poison off my blog, because I can.

Anonymous said...

the second comment by 'anonymous' is a different person. i am the first

sorry johnny but i'm not the victim of ''UKIP/Tommy Robinson style propaganda''...... i base my comments on what i actually see around me and that's it. i'm not one of these people who sits on the internet all day getting their facts of life from facebook posts.

i am talking about my world but i'm pretty sure i am not alone in this as when ever this subject pops up people mostly agree with me but you have to be so careful with what you say because some ridiculous people quickly want to label you as a racist just because you feel that there are too many immigrants here which are effecting the job and housing. i always say that i haven't got a problem with anyone and having a few immigrants here would be fine but there are just too many

your reply almost didn't feel like a real person, it's like you just copied and paste some info you found on google and that's it. i guess though you live in a different world so you don't see the things i do

Anonymous said...

you mention about the figures for immigration but c'mon mate how many brits really go and live abroad, not nearly the same as the amount of polish that come here

i think most of the brits that do go live abroad often have money or a degree where they arent effecting other systems as much, whereas the polish that come here mostly consist of average working class people and they want as much work as possible too so there's less work to go around now and housing. i can't blame them for wanting a better life but then what about our lives ? surely we should come first. i feel like i have been sold out

Jonny Zchivago said...

There are 829000 (uk office of satistics) job vacancies in 2018 so far, so either the British want them or the govt has to get more immigrants in to fill them.....soon to be more difficult due to Brexit....if the immigrants were white english speakers from Australia i doubt you'd have the same problem.
I'm a Brit abroad no degree, but,regrettably i don't ponce off the French system too much.My daughter has a full grant for university,thats about it....and the other ex-pats/english immigrants I know are either retirees, or the same as me, and quite a few are claiming benefits.
Are you gonna pick the rotting fruit the farmers can't get anyone to pick....I doubt it. English Plumber/electricians/bui;lders either don't exist or they rip us common working class punters off.
The housing shortage is because no-one builds affordable houses anymore.

If you both don't mind giving up the freedoms,human rights, and the economic security the EU provides then good'll be working for far less under the Tory's than the Polish do,in fact they won't want to work in the UK.
All this to be poorer,stuck in the UK with no opportunities to widen your world....because you don't like foreigners taking our jobs that we didn't want to do in the first place!!!........blame it on the EU,yeah that'll change it all for the better won't it?

Anonymous said...

just stop it man ..i have already stated twice that i don't have a problem with anyone and by that i obviously meant racially so your comment ''if the immigrants were white english speakers from Australia i doubt you'd have the same problem'' is just you trying to make me look racist when that's not the case . all sounds like the typical internet witch hunt stuff to me

i work and i have done a lot of rubbish jobs that most people wouldn't wanna do and so do a lot of british people just as the polish do also so we are competing, unless your in this same boat then you can't understand my frustration and that's really what this is all about. ps all the plumbers, electricians etc ive met have been british

i think the kind of people you are having a go at aren't working class, they are just stupid chavs that breed and breed and expect us to pay for their stupid mistakes in life not to mention their bad taste in music

i'm sure we do need more properties built but i doubt we would need as many without the amount of immigrants living here. the landlords take advantage of this and charge stupid amounts for awful flats because they know they can get someone in them now

regarding any other possibilities as a result of leaving the EU, i'm not gonna comment, my only thoughts on brexit are just the things we've discussed as i try to only comment on what i see around me

i do feel strong about my concerns and that brexit seems like a good idea because of these but i know that these aren't the only topics in the brexit deal and because of that i decided not to vote at all. i felt that was the better thing for myself to of done at the time rather than just voting because of my thoughts on immigration. i don't think that would of been fare

i do have sympathy for your situation though and wouldn't want to see you unhappy

what a mess life is eh

Jonny Zchivago said...

yEP iTS A fUCK uP.....i didn't vote in the 'Democratic' referendum either...because i wasn't given the chance!?
You said it...Stupid Chav Breeders on the 'sick'...they all voted Brexit,its them who should apply to live in the UK not the hard working europeans.

Anonymous said...

i actually doubt a lot of those kind of people voted at all. i agree with you that it's a cheek when they slag off the foreigners but yet they themselves just take,take,take and make other people's lives a nightmare. the amount of times i have had to suffer living in flats with trashy scum bag neighbours. all the polish i have been around have all worked and worked hard too and they aren't walking around town with a can of cider in their hand trying to get money out of people either lol

/][/ said...

This was supposed to be about Flipper you cunts!
Fuck your crying and bitching and show respect for the greatest punk band ever!
Spirit wise at least for sure.
Sniff your glue wankers!
Real men love FLIPPER and O.D. on heroin before they become rotten.
Besides Sid, Owen and Winehouse you fops are not dropping off like real rockers should be! Just do it!