Friday, 24 August 2018

Various Artists ‎– "8 From '80. A Carlisle Compilation". (Matchbox Classics ‎– MC3) 1980

One stopped off in Carlisle on the way to Glasgow, and I can recall the place captured in the picture featured on the cover as if it was yesterday......dunno why, it just stuck in my brain,possibly because of the weirdly quiet and gloomy atmosphere of the place.
The groups featured are all definitely not weird, or quiet, or even gloomy. Its all a standard run through of some new wave type power pop and post punkiness.All very listenable,and very much of its 1980.....but don't read that as 'Dated'.


1–Spivs Maybe - It's Different
2–Pedestrians - Walk It
3–Mr.Bulder - She Knows
4–No Support - Prophetic Justice
5–Veldt - Bleak
6–Toolbox Murderers - Alco
7–Kirsty And The Husbands - Sitting In A Disco
8–The Limps - So Nice


W. said...

Cheers for this.

podcarlisle said...

I Know A Few Members Of The Bands On This It Was My Mates Record Label.. And He's Still Putting Stuff Out...Podcarlisle

Mark L. said...

I ran across the guy you're talking about on youtube. never got round to contacting him, but wondered if we'd ever see a Matchbox Classics retrospective (via Detour Records or Hyped2Death, even 'bandcamp' would be nice). Cheers, M.