Friday, 6 January 2017

Various Artists ‎– Love Not Devotion" (Deleted Records ‎– DELP 001/Fuck Off Records ‎– FLP 002) 1982

This is a re-post of a re-ripped Fuck Off/Deleted Records shared album from 1982(at 320k,for those who care); featuring The Instant Automatons, Britpunkfunk combo Blue Midnight, and Street Level super groop The Hambirger All-Stars, featuring various members of Here and Now and Alternative TV, among others.
Blue Midnight are particularly fine, with their brand of punky brass led DIY funk.Like a cross between Pig Bag and early Dexy's sans the awful Kevin Rowland.
The Hambirger All-Stars are also, very fashionably for 1982, Dubbed up, Funky and Punky. A sooper groop of sorts, with 'Here and Now' street hippies Steffy and Grant Showbiz;
Anno, Mark and Dennis from Alternative TV;alomg with someone called Justin Adams from Impossible Dreamers.

Then we have, the late great, Protag and Mark automaton with 6 tracks of Instant Automatons' skewed DIY pop songs on behalf of Deleted Records.Including the classic "Short Haired Man (In a Long Haired Town)".
How can you argue against a line up like that?

Wot a great,and very lost, record!?


A1 –Blue Midnight -Quarter To Blue 2:23
A2 –Blue Midnight -Fireplace 2:37
A3 –Blue Midnight -Joy! 2:21
A4 –Blue Midnight -Crazy 3:51
A5 –Blue Midnight -Hot And Cold 2:26
A6 –Hamburger All-Stars -I Woke Up 2:52
A7 –Hamburger All-Stars -Swinging London, Pt. 1 2:00
A8 –Hamburger All-Stars -Studded Leather Jacket 2:58
B1 –Hamburger All-Stars -My Life Is A Mess 1:37
B2 –Hamburger All-Stars -Swinging London, Pt. 2 5:15
B3 –The Instant Automatons -Worcester Avenue 2:38
B4 –The Instant Automatons -Catacomb 1:57
B5 –The Instant Automatons -Too Big! 1:59
B6 –The Instant Automatons -Violence 2:42
B7 –The Instant Automatons -Drunk In Woolwich 3:01
B8 –The Instant Automatons -Short Haired Man 2:31

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