Sunday, 8 January 2017

Blue Midnight / The Hamburger All-Stars ‎– "One Million Hamburgers EP" (Fuck Off Records ‎– FEP 003) 1982

Well...This is a catchy tune!
Round about 1982 the dreaded 'Musician' started to creep out from his priest hole and started to re-impose himself on the public who had begun to tire of doing it themselves and wanted to be entertained again.
This deadly affliction even infected Fuck Off Records, presaging the New Pop anathema which justified itself by corrupting from the inside.....but never did once the spondoolicks started rolling in.
There were some artists who, of course, emplyed this tactic correctly, like ATV, The Fire Engines,and, best of all,The Associates,
The title track of this EP is another fine example of making listenable Pop music with morals.
This Street Level super group, including Mark Perry and Grant Showbiz among others, have forged a real toe tapping slice of mellow, dubby and funky post punk .
Blue Midnight make their third appearance on a Fuck Off record, but the excellent Funky Blue Midnight from 'Love Not Devotion' are regrettably absent;replaced by some blues jamming post pub muso's.....a definite B-Side. 


A –The All-Stars - One Million Hamburgers

B1 –Blue Midnight - Dream
B2 –Blue Midnight - Tribute (To Don Drummond)


Ian said...

Sounds like the world's shortest label sampler: The monotone refrain of the leadoff track vaguely recalls TG's "Hamburger Lady" to these ears, until the second half when the track attempts melody. Track two sounds like the Pork Dukes singer sitting in with a lounge band. And track three is something like the Los Angeles Free Music Society with something approaching actual musical knowledge. Curious.

Judas Vigilante said...

I downloaded this a few days ago as I'm intrigued by the artwork. Love it. Real lofi DIY looking. Right up my street. Can't wait to actually get time to listen to the f*cking thing.

Like what Ian said about the LAFMS comparison, that's got me excited now.

Cheers and thanks as always, over and out.