Friday, 13 January 2017

PHILIP JOHNSON - "Ellis is Poofyman" (Year Zero Records YEAR035) 2015

As Twelve Cubic feet and Exhibit A main man Paul Platypus was in Doof with the legendary Philip Johnson;it is about time I plugged the last release on Year Zero records;- the excellent "Ellis Is Poofyman", EP? Mini album?....i dunno, but its rather good.
All together now...."I've Been farting On The Moon!"
I dunno how he does it? Another sing-a-long classic from a world reflected in a fairground mirror in an underwater House of Fun. More synthetic voice phrases assembled and rearranged to reveal the true meaning of language. Backed up with all the aural abstract expressionism of a DIY Willem de Kooning;.... before he developed Alzheimers!
You should know by now NOT to be disappointed by any Philip Johnson recording,and this definitely is no exception.
Made,originally, in the much maligned 3" CD format to further limit his audience.

DOWNLOAD ellis here you poofyman!

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Judas Vigilante said...

Hey Jonny, firstly I love this release, as I do his other excellent efforts.

Secondly, I didn't realise the mini cd was treated like the pleague. I've released stuff on 3" mini cd, short little albums about just under 20 mins. I love them, I have about 30 or 40 lying about in the bedroom somewhere. Though I kinda see your point: you can't put them in a car stereo or cd changer, a slot loading drive like a macbook and such. Guess I was subconsciously trying to limit my audience as if it wasn't limited enough already! Go Philip Johnson go, more mini cd releases please. I'll buy 2.