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Rudimentary Peni ‎– "Farce EP" (Crass Records ‎– 221984/2) 1982

This is naturally weird music. It goes way beyond the boredom of the hardcore punk template, like a ominously dark scream of anguish. UK hardcore never quite matched its US relations between 1981 and 85 for either musicianship or brutal intensity, but it did have the more uniquer and stranger angles, like Rudimentary Peni and Discharge (who I think are quite bizarre?), counter balanced by the dumb and dumber end of the Exploited and GBH.Anarcho-punk was conspicuous by its total absence stateside, probably because that was equated with the commie left wing to the american mindset. Or maybe the constant soapboxing by organized anarchy commune dwellers Crass put off the spoilt Americans.It certainly put me off,even though their own DIY aesthetic, the Farce EP included, has to be admired.
Things Hardcore got weirder in the UK after 1985 with the grindcore bands like the bizarre Napalm Death. The sticker on their debut LP "Scum" declared them as the official worlds fastest band, but I reckon nerdy Indie pop stars The Wedding Present were faster,or certain parts of The Nightingales,notably their guitarist.
Now, who invented Hardcore?.....I Reckon it was The Victims from Australia, although Wire have a very strong claim for 'Pink Flag' which undoubtedly influenced The Middle Class as the first US Hardcore band; not forgetting The Damned for first bringing speed for speeds sake into the equation.
Rudimentary Peni take the prize as the most creepy,darkest and disturbing of all the 'hardcore' type groups in the third wave crop of Punk Rock.Gothcore, Deathrock, whatever you want to call it, this band are definitely very unique.


A1 Sacrifice
A2 Cosmetic Plague
A3 Subdued Violence
A4 Only Human
A5 The Bile Ball
A6 Farce
B1 Bloody Jellies
B2 Mice Race
B3 Defined By Age
B4 Zero Again
B5 Bubble

 DOWNLOAD this bizarre farce if you can be arsed HERE!

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