Saturday, 21 January 2017

Rudimentary Peni ‎– "Rudimentary Peni EP" (Outer Himalayan Records ‎– BOOBOO1) 1981

As much as I cant stand 'Anarcho Punk', Rudimentary Peni stand out like a shiny diamond amongst the washed out black clad white rasta trust fund hippy smear that populated /populate this fine extrapolation of the human 'Hive Mind'. 
True, they seem to follow the standard political line as set out by the king of the Anarchists, Crass; anti-war,anti meat, use the word 'Fuck' a lot, and seem to believe in the oxymoron of 'organised Anarchy'?
Despite this,RP seemed to to stand out sartorially (ie no black uniform and greasy dreads), musically, and most importantly, artistically. Mainly thanks to singer/guitarist Nick Blinko's dark twisted visions of existence.
Dark lyrics aside, his unique art does have a certain 'drawn in a psychiatric unit' quality about it(as mentioned previously Blinko is indeed a diagnosed Schizophrenic). A cross between Hieronymus Bosch and schoolboy doodling. It certainly stands out as pretty unique, and Blinko's drawings can fetch quite a few quid if you're lucky enough to own one.
Musically, there's something rather gothic about the otherwise standard Anarcho-punk fuzzy thrash. A demented darkness that brings to mind one of the Bible's three descriptions of Hell, 'a wailing and a gnashing of teeth' (the other two by the way are, 'the Fiery Lake of burning Sulfur'; and 'the blazing furnace'). As Blinko wrote a rant against 'religion' in the booklet that accompanied this EP, I don't think promoting the word of the 'good' book was on his agenda.
(Download the booklet here!)


A1 Media Person
A2 Him Hymn
A3 Blind Dogs
A4 B-Ward
A5 Crazy Chain
A6 The Gardener
B1 Teenage Time Killer
B2 Hearse
B3 Dead Living
B4 Black President
B5 Tower Of Strength
B6 Play


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Do you have any of Volcano The Bear's first three cassettes? If so could you upload them?
Thanks for the music.

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Hi, no i don't unfortunately. I could ask if they have them i suppose.
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