Monday, 30 January 2017

Rudimentary Peni ‎– "The Underclass EP" (Outer Himalayan Records ‎– booboo7) 2000

You know what?.....this is more like it. Proper no nonsense punk metal, with a guitar sound like a buzzsaw cutting through a corrupt bankers crushed stone driveway. Topped off with Blinko's best gravel gargling vocals since 'Cacophony'; and great psychotic scribbled on padded cell toilet paper artwork. All the songs are between 58 seconds and one minute thirty in length, so they never overstay their welcome, and in some cases fit into the 'Leave 'em wanting more' slot from the annals (or anals) of 'Showbiz'. I think i could listen to the riff for "No Other Truth" for a good twenty minutes, with no need for extra vocals.......this is always a concept i have always wanted to explore musically, a bit like a heavy metal Circle*(*the finnish group who explored the magic of repetition to the nth degree).
As this RP EP only lasts less than fifteen minutes, that concept interests me a song as long as a piece of string, and if so do they merely 'end', or just 'stop'? And when they stop or end, does the effect end or stop with them.Music's magick can be truly infinite in the sonic chapter of the 'Theory of Relativity': Energy = mass divided by the speed of sound squared or E=mc2( i looked up the mathematical synbol for the speed of sound, and it was the same as for the speed of light!); so the faster the song moves the more time distorts, and bends back in on itself.Therefore are short songs really short? And would they exist if we weren't here to listen to them; for they are just different wavelengths of air movement, and you sure as hell can't listen to a movement of air pressure without a brain to create the language to understand it. Language is a virus and music is a language.
What i'm saying is, short songs may end, but their effect can last many times longer than their actual acknowledged length,like a microcosm of curved space/time in your Brain,which is the only place that music, or non-music, actually exists.


A1 Captive Of Atrophy
A2 No Other Truth
A3 Essence
A4 Bequest
A5 The Mirror
A6 The Underclass
B1 Unchanged
B2 As Nothing
B3 Choice Of Evils
B4 The Internal Censor
B5 The Ocean Of Misery
B6 Clandestine Harem

DOWNLOAD some relatively short punk metal tunes HERE!

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Judas Vigilante said...

All the stuff about short songs above: spot on!
You're not a theoretical physicist by day are you Jonny?