Saturday, 18 February 2017

Jackdaw With Crowbar ‎– "Sink! Sank! Sunk!" (Ron Johnson Records ‎– ZRON 31) 1987

Jackdaw's second EP on Ron Johnson, is the lower budget equal of their first,and seems to fit in nicely as the soundtrack to the madness of 2017. Based largely on a Titanic disaster theme,backed up with strong anti-american, anti-nuclear rhetoric, this seems an appropriate post the morning after thee DUMBEST presidential press conferences made by anyone baring that title of office. As the united States of America goes full steam ahead towards the Iceberg that is Trump.
Lets read what he had to say about nuclear war shall we?.....

“And I can tell you one thing about a briefing that we’re allowed to say, because anybody that ever read the most basic book can say it: nuclear holocaust would be like no other......You know what uranium is, right? This thing called nuclear weapons, like lots of things are done with uranium, including some bad things.” 
(Donald J. Trump,leader of the western world, 17/02/2017)

This moron,let's face it, he is a Moron by any standard of stupidity and ignorance; has the potential to make "The Bowling Green Massacre" look like just a made-up figment of some retarded plutocrat's feeble imagination.
Please come back Dubya!!!!
Sleep safely in your beds kids????


A1 Sunk By An Iceberg
A2 Redstar Loco
B1 Amerillo
B2 Fuck!! America


konrad said...

{Yoda} Strong in the loony tunes, this one is! {/Yoda}

I have to ask here...have you ever even read or attempted to assess any news (or news source) you didn't already agree with?

Or do you just dismiss them all out of hand, because they don't validate your world view. Regardless of whether your world view is accurate?

Personally, I like to read/assess all views, then form my own opinions based on rational analysis...but ymmv. :D

Jonny Zchivago said...

You sound like a literate Donald Trump at a press conference.
Anything that doesn't fit your T-Party agenda must be biased.
At the risk of another marathon comment jousting match, do you disagree that Trump is an uneducated monosyllabic embarrassment to the majority of the already great (BD...before donald) country of the USA?......and will you be happy having the Trump Govt being your only source of "News", which is what the great shredded wheat hat wearing twat is suggesting as the only source of non-fake news?
You don't sound like you walk your talk.I too have my opinions, which don't coincide with your predictable right wing(there's that word again!) bias.

konrad said...

Let us begin with this basic perspective, which is that I look askance upon any politician or political perspective, regardless of their bent. They are all liars (in one form or another) and they all look to extract our hard earned bread from our mouths in order to line there own pockets. Can we agree on that at the start?

As to Trump's education or lack does not make, lose and remake millions of dollars by being an idiot. I would submit you have not listened to what he's said (all the left has parroted that he has no plan, has never had a plan, though he's laid out plans throughout his campaign) and you've turned a deaf ear because you were told to by whatever pundits you find satisfactory.

And if we're to talk idiocy in official public speaking, I would suggest you listen to any/all politicians of every side when the teleprompter shuts down, speaking extemporaneously, etc. Ninety-nine and 44/100% of them are full-goose bozo from the get go.

Do I believe what Trump says he'll do? Jury is out on that. He's hired many of the Goldman Sachs/globalists who have been in gov't. for decades, screwing things up for those of us just trying to make a living out here. If he does half of what he states, there's a chance many in the US can start making a better living than they have in the last 20 years.

On my news sources...wasn't aware that Trump was taking over BBC (one of my sources) or Daily Mail, or Asia Times, etc., et. al. Please do explain how he's going to do that? But, that being said, I take all of them (Breitbart included) with a huge grain of salt. I sift, winnow, study, any devote of reason should.

Stop buying into every left leaning shill out there. Weigh and examine things from both sides. If need be, go back to the writings and reasoning of logicians past (Descartes, Kant, Leibnez, etc., etc.) and learn to reason again, rather than allowing yourself to be told what to think. The ones telling you, do not have your interests at heart!

konrad said...

Had to add...

You relish the joust as much as I do...don't deny it. :D

Jonny Zchivago said...

1.agreed, politicians and trump are liars who line their own pockets
2. You certainly don't have to be clever to make billions, especially when you inherited a vast fortune like trump did...and promptly lost it at least three times.Certainly no business man should be in charge of a country.Its not just about runing an economy; especially not by borderline business practices and gambles.
3. Trump was very clear in referring to the BBC as "The same as CNN" and saying "Here's another beauty" when the BBC reporter tried to pose a question.
This is a deliberate attempt to undermine free speech and alternative opinions.
4. If you are so 'neutral' and objective, why do you only refer to 'Left-Wing' shills, and anyone who doesn't like trump must be a socialist.I strongly question your impartiality if you feel you must defend this monster so passionately....Descartes Kant etc would be rolling in their graves to have their names linked with Trumpolitics....the very opposite of reason.

One positive i can support is Trumps view on better relations with Russia...very sensible. Helping Rustbelt refugees is also a noble deed, but economic isolationism and unaffordable infastructure spending (very socialist) is not gonna be the answer for those 'forgotten' people especially.

konrad said...

On #2...actually you do. If you've lost all your inheritance, gain it back, lose it to have nothing, regain must have something under the hood. Or are you going to tell me you're a multi-millionaire...given you're so much smarterer? :D

On #3...Did I not say I take all sources with a huge grain of salt? There is no undermining of free speech news sources have been shut down, muffled or squelched. Pointing out a liar does not prevent them from continuing their lies and you can ascertain the truth of that by going to,,, etc. right now. Not calling on them in a press conference also does not prevent them from publishing/saying what they wish, and 0bama did the same thing with Fox (another fake news outfit) on many occasions. Please explain whose speech has been curtailed to date by Trump's actions? Can you name one news organization no longer in existence since inauguration day? You can't, so let's stop with such specious arguments.

On #4...possibly you missed all the wiki-leaks released collusion between the DNC and the leftist media? How Bernie (who would be POTUS right now had they all not been in the tank for oligarchic HRC) was shut out in the primaries by the DNC, how the fake news orgs built Trump up in the primaries as the candidate for HRC to beat, how, when he became the candidate the DNC ordered them to tear him down, how they gave debate questions to HRC in advance. And let's not forget all the polls, manipulated to show HRC with 98% chance of a win (rather like all those brexit polls that showed defeat)... And of course, when all that came out and HRC went down in flames, it was suddenly about Russian influence?

And you seriously believe Descartes, et. al. would be rolling? They'd be cheering that someone fusking "gits it" in the American vernacular. Give me a break!!!

Yes on Trump's reset with Russia. Anything that prevents a thermonuclear war with one of the other major superpowers is a very good thing. Ask yourself this...why was it that all the western world was so hopped up on going to war with Russia leading up to this election? 0bama himself, while campaigning in '08, made it a point to state there was no cold war any longer, yet nearly every action of the US and NATO while he was POTUS was an attempt to revive said cold war. WHY? He campaigned on ending our wars in the ME, but instead we covertly and overtly destroyed Libya and Syria. WHY?

Trump does not advocate isolationism in the Ron Paul vernacular, but he does demand fair trade agreements with other countries. Can he and will he produce? The jury is out, but he does deserve a chance to show what he can do. As to the infrastructure spending...err...I forget and I'm too lazy to go look it up much was it that the pentagon can't account for over the last eight years, and how much more that the state dept. can't account for over that same time period? How much infrastructure could that pay for?

konrad said...

Screw it...did the searches...

6.5 trillion unaccounted for by the pentagon, another 6 billion from state, over 7 trillion dollars, a bit less than half the US national debt, lost or unaccounted for in the last 8 years...

One wonders what national works, infrastructure improvements could have been made in the last 8 years with that money. Indeed, one now wonders what could be done with that same money not lost or unaccounted for, over the next 8 years???

Jonny Zchivago said...

With all that stolen money Trump construction could have built a nuke proof wall all around the USA and a little one around Hawaii and England/Wales too.And have enough left over to help Israel expand across the middle east.

konrad said...

Where's my other recent post, or are you now selectively editing ala fake news? :D

Jonny Zchivago said...

No other posts from you unpublished.....are you feeding the public 'alternative facts'?.....i publish everything Mr Konrad Trump Jr.II sir.
Of course after that comment no-one now trusts me. This is of course the purpose of 'Fake News'.
Unlike Trump, I have no problem with this because I have nothing to hide...I have not been to a pee-pee party in Moscow.

konrad said...

Yeah, there was another prior to add on (2nd post) of wasted money...hence the "screw it did the searches" preamble. Seems you decided not to allow it to show up.

And you speak of free speech...shame on you.

Jonny Zchivago said...

Found the missing comment among the torrent.

I don't speak of free speech at all...only as a stock phrase as bad as the 'will of the people'.....the Tyranny of Democracy.

You seem to be cherry picking news to back up your 'impartial opinion', which is exclusively anti-left.

Jonny Zchivago said...

ps...on 2 again,
Intelligence doesn't mean you want to be rich.Low self esteem does,especially if one is a malignant narcissist.
I'm far too lazy to be rich,but i'm lucky enough to only have to do the bare minimum to live.Fuck slavery.

Lets rephrase Trumps business acumen?
He was Bankrupt three times....which in fact doesn't mean he lost all his means he kept his money without having to pay his old rich boy's trick,also inherited from his father......this means he's not only incompetent,and thick, but also a crook. Not to mention his fake university fraud, that he settled 'out of court'.

Descartes and chums would despise him.

konrad said...

Golly gee gosh...why should anyone distrust the left?

Possibly because they've killed more people and destroyed more wealth in the last 125 years than any other "ism" in recorded history?

Naw...give 'em another shot. They'll get it right one of these times...after they've killed millions more people and subsumed all wealth to themselves...right?

Jonny Zchivago said...

Very objective indeed......Did anyone say the 'Left' should be trusted?You're trying to wind me up aren't you, because you think i'm a socialist?.....millions have died under the extreme left, but there are many soft left regimes,especially post war, who haven't killed anyone, and even promoted some kinda peace.....its extreme politics that you should be railing against.....even then the Soviets seemed more trustworthy with the nuclear button than some presidents (all american presidents are right wing by the way....gulp...including Obahma.)
In the UK we just found out that nuclear weapons were deployed to the Falklands War , wait for Mistake!.....that was Thatcher era, she seemed right wing to us,but in comparison to the US leaders she was definitely centre left......bloody hell have we got back to that conclusionless argument about left and right again!?
Yes Communist regimes killed millions, just like extreme right regimes kill millions....even democratic ones do, like the North American Indian holocaust; and the rape of Africa....except democratic regimes do it primarily for money rather than political philosophy.
Either way, don't have a government, pretty much like what you've (not)got in Washington right you should be happy.
Trouble is he seems to want to ignore the american constitution, and roll back environmental measures fifty years to revive the fucking rust belt(every country has a rust belt).To quote the leader of the Greens in the uk yesterday he shows “cavernous depths of scientific ignorance”.....i like that quote......luckily, for now, you still have a supreme court and congress to stop him from winding the clock back even further for the 'forgotten people',to the days before welfare(leftist policy).Then they'd have something to moan about......or starve about.
Heavens to betsy,Now i'm beginning to sound like a right winger, shucks!

the saucer people said...

Fifteen comments! Jesus, my first thought was where were all those Jackdaw With Crowbar fans when I was briefly a 'collective promoter' at the legendary Bradford's 1 in 12 club (so named after the number of people said to be defrauding the dole) and about five people paid to watch them prompting me to be surrounded by a flock of angry Jackdaws demanding I pay them so they could get back to Lemington Span and just waiting for a crowbar in the brain when I explained the anarcho-syndicalist principles of the club - no audience equals no cash, which obviously went down a storm - sorry Jackdaws where ever you are, I did feel a tad guilty as they were incredible live - definitely one of those bands that would have been huge a few years before but unfortunately for them (as you noted elsewhere) - the 'second summer of love' derailed the indie scene somewhat in the late eighties as we all got hypnotised by a 'succession of repetative beats' (as the 1994 criminal justice act defined the music) and a mountain of MDMA - unfortunately, bands like Jackdaw With Crowbar didn't stand a chance - so good to see you resurrecting them from the sonic memory hole as they deserved better.

Jonny Zchivago said...

Yes, 1988 derailed me too....i woke up about 1995-ish, from a haze of funky rhythms, jazz rediscovery and an easy listening obsession. Then i met members of Volcano The Bear in a pub and we sang The Residents "Birthday Boy" together(I can do the middle high pitched section of 'Blue Rosebuds'by heart too y'know!), and they were astonished anyone could possibly know this song. This reminded me of times when music was actually pushing boundaries and not just entertaining background despite a short flirtation with Drum'n'Bass, i returned to the interesting music fold shortly thereafter.