Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Various Artists ‎– "The Thing From The Crypt" (The Thing From The Crypt ‎– TTFTC 001) 1981

Another classic Street Level compilation of UK DIY ,with shades of Proto-Indie, is "The Thing From The Crypt". A shared album for acts on Dead Hedgehog and Nick Blinko's (of Rudimentary Peni!?) Outer Himalayan Records.
No Anarcho Punk on here, thank fuck,despite Blinko's connection,- he always sounded a step apart from that washed out black clad clique-; but it has much to point towards the vague watershed between UK DIY and the early 'Indie' sound.
There's some quaintly amateurish Goth by S-Haters, but I don't mind a bit of that, as long as its as badly played as these two tracks.
And we have 'Sad Lovers and Giants', who are just too conventionally good in a New Wave sense, and amazingly still exist today!!?
The stand out band are obviously teenage tearaways 'Exhibit A', featuring future' Twelve Cubic Feet'-ers and 'Solid Space' members.
Altogether an album full of that uncertain amateurish charm we all love in this digitally padded cell; yet is soooo absent from today's boringly 'clued up' society. 
'They', whatever 'they' may mean(?), are so clued up they are in fact very,very, Clueless.


A1 –Exhibit A - Rain
A2 –Sad Lovers & Giants - Take Me Inside
A3 –Mex  - Evil Creatures
A4 –Gambit Of Shame - Dancing With The Turks
A5 –Flying Beechcraft - Bugger Off
A6 –Image In Ruin - Tank
A7 –Soft Drinks - Squash
A8 –S-Haters - Necromancer
B1 –Soft Drinks - Pepsi Cola
B2 –Flying Beechcraft - Frog Girl
B3 –Image In Ruin - Bottle
B4 –S-Haters - Canal
B5 –Exhibit A - Echoes
B6 –Sad Lovers & Giants - Clint
B7 –Mex - Functioning Fripp Girls
B8 –Gambit Of Shame - She Lawn


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