Monday, 31 October 2016

The Radio Stars - "Radio Stars Radio Sessions 1977-1978) (a Die or DIY? Compilation)

Another one of those groups the music press didn't like in 1977/8 because they were older and reminded those journalists of themselves. Just a couple of years before 1977 these very same Journalists were singing the praises of Genesis, Bruce Springsteen and Lynard Skynard.
The Radio Stars had Andy Ellison of 1967-era John's Children, and were basically Glam band 'Jet' rebranded as Punky Power Pop. If you listened to Jet's 1975 album, they sound like a slightly slower Radio Stars, so maybe they weren't totally jumping on the Punk Bus after all?
It all sounds very Eddie and the Hot Rods style Pub Rock fused with the more edible parts of Punk Rock, with lashings of tongue in cheek humour.
Well I always thought they were a rather good fun band,who didn't take themselves or anything else very seriously.....that could describe The Damned,but they had better press and were a tad cooler for the kids.

Track Listing:

Peel Session 17/05/1977:

1 No Russians In Russia
2 Dear Prudence
3 Dirty Pictures
4 Horrible Breath

Peel session 07/11/1977:

5 Is It Really Necessary
6 Don't Waste My Time
7 The Beast Of Barnsley
8 Good Personality

Peel Session 4/9/1978:

9 Sitting In The Rain
10 Radio Stars
11 Sex In Chains Blues
12 Boy Meets Girl

Capital Radio Session 5/1978:

13 From A Rabbit
14 The Beast Of Barnsley
15 Dirty Pictures

DOWNLOAD radio to kill the video star HERE!


Fernando said...

Wow, I didn't know about this BBC collection! I usually like this band very much, and I'm curious about their version of 'Dear Prudence'. So, thanks a lot!

BTW, weren't some of them in Sparks before Jet?


F. :)

Jonny Zchivago said...

I didn't know about it either until i made it.
Yes at least one of them was in sparks, well the Mael Brothers backing band anyway.

Fernando said...

"I didn't know about it either until i made it."

:D Oops I thought it was some commercial CD. Nice job then and thanks again!

Anonymous said...

Yes indeedy, Jet-cum-Radio Stars head honcho/songwriter/bassist Martin Gordon had been in Sparks, too. Along with a brilliant guitarist, the late great forgotten Adrian Fisher and a quite dynamic drummer Dinky (?) Diamond, he provided the very excellent backing to the otherwise dull-as-dishwater Mael brothers on the LP "Kimono My House". You know, the only great Sparks rekkid. The only one most of us would want to hear twice -- not a coincidence. What a band!

-Johnny Canuck