Saturday, 15 October 2016

Motörhead ‎– "Leaving Here / White Line Fever" (Stiff Records BUY9) 1977

My first experience of Motorhead was via the "Bunch Of Stiffs" compilation on Stiff Records, and "White Line Fever" was the tune representing them.
Wasn't impressed initially, but I was impressed by their unique image. No-one looked like that in 1977.
In them days I had a limited record collection, so this got played a lot; so naturally it grew on me,and now love it as much as "Overkill", "Bomber" and "We Are The Road Crew"! One of thee top ten greatest groups (before Fast Eddie left) ever.


A - White Line Fever

B - Leaving Here


jonder said...

My first exposure to Motorhead was "No Class", which was on The Last Stiff Compilation. "That's just a ZZ Top riff," I thought. So I foolishly dismissed them until the Hammersmith record in '81 (and the version of "Motorhead" on that album in particular).

If there is an afterlife, I hope that Lemmy is enjoying fine women and whiskey forevermore.

Jonny Zchivago said...

And hopefully playing kick ass rock'n'roll with Philthy Phil "the Animal" Taylor (Is he the only rock musician to have two nick-names?), soon to be joined in the coming decades by Fast eddie.....the afterlife is beginning to sound far less boring already.

Rev.LouCifer said...

Can't remember my my first time with Motorheard, but, I did see them on the Bomber tour. The stage lights set was one of the best of all time, and I have seen a few shows throught the deecades. w
We were trippin' on it before they evn took the stage, it lust looked odd. Then, when they lit into Bomber that shit turned into a plane and started moving, Thanx For Flying Air Motorhead.