Tuesday, 18 October 2016

The Deviants ‎– "Ptooff!" (Underground Impresarios ‎– IMP 1) 1968

The list of the original British Daddies of Punk can extend a long way back, was it The Kinks? The Troggs? Nearly all American Sixties Garage Punk had the same roots, with large amounts of The Animals and the Stones thrown in. Which in turn produced The Stooges and The MC5, which in turn re-influenced the UK, in the same way the UK re-influenced the USA by saving rock'n'roll for them.
The British MC5 were The Deviants, although probably not influenced by the Detroit scene, they evolved around the same time, but slightly earlier. I notice that they did play the UFO club  as The Social Deviants, in early 67, where Mick Farren (journalist, activist and the singer of the group) ran the door, supporting Arthur Brown.
The Deviants had a lot in common with 76 punk, a political agenda, a celebration of amateur musicianship, and an aggressive basic rock sound.
Also ,of course, they included a couple of influential figures for the future Pub Rock scene, namely Mick Farren and ,later Deviants member Larry Wallis (Pink Fairies/Motorhead).
Prime Proto-Punk.


Opening 0:05
I'm Coming Home 5:52
Child Of The Sky 4:25
Charlie 3:50
Nothing Man 4:22
Garbage 5:32
Bun 2:35
Deviation Street 9:08

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Ian said...

A U.S. equivalent might be the Flamin' Groovies? Whereas the Groovies tilted to the Stones my ear hears the Deviants leaning more to that band from Liverpool. Thanks for the post, I'd known the name but never heard the music from these guys.