Friday, 28 October 2016

The Bishops ‎– "Live!" (Chiswick Records ‎– CH 7) 1978

In and around 1978, record companies, in all their wisdom, thought that making an act who wasn't selling enough units, change their name to sound more 'Punky' would solve the problem. They  had Eddie and the Hot Rods shorten their name to just, 'The Rods' , The Ruts became 'Ruts', and The Count Bishops became "The Bishops". Unsurprisingly this just caused confusion and sales reduced even further. What happens then is release a cheap live mini-album as a loss-leader to reel in the unsuspecting punter.....wait a minute isn't this that pub rock group The Count Bishops?'s The Bishops, new wave band, slurred the Chiswick marketing manager.
This 10" mini album, was, incidentally, recorded live at the Roundhouse in Chalk Farm London 18th Feb 1978.
It captures The (Count) Bishops at their best, in a live environment, with their slightly more punkyfied guitar sounds for the 1978 audience.


Too Much Too Soon 2:40
Till The End Of The Day 1:57
Taking It Easy 3:07
Train Train 3:05
Someone's Gonna Get Their Head Kicked In Tonight 2:32
Sometimes Good Guys Don't Wear White 2:25
Don't Start Me Talking 2:23
Baby You're Wrong 2:27
I Don't Like It 2:01
I Want Candy 3:10

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