Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Joe Meek ‎– "The Alchemist Of Pop - Home Made Hits & Rarities 1959-1966"

So we've established that Joe Meek began the modern do it yourself recording ethic, yes?
So we'd better hear the Hits?
The best of which have to be self-proclaimed medium, Geoff Goddard's tunes. Primarily 'Johnny Remember Me',sang by John Leyton, and the beyond weird "Skymen".
"Johnny Remember Me" has to be one of the top Ten weirdest Top Twenty hits ever(Number one actually!). Up there with Laurie Anderson's "O Superman", The Associates "Party Fears Two", and Public Image Ltd's "Death Disco".
Geoff actually made more money from all this than anyone,and the regular royalties supplemented his school caretakers job until his death.
Little did I know, whilst watching camp classic seventies Brit-com "Are You Being Served, that the character who played Mr Spooner, who replaced Mr Lucas, was none other than Mike Berry; one of the most successful artists in the Joe Meek stable!
There were lots of surprise guest appearances by many future stars of the rock world, including Bowie,Ritchie Blackmore, Chas Hodges (Chas and Dave), Jimmy Page, Rod Stewart,Tom Jones, and probably many more!?

–Emile Ford & The Checkmates - What Do You Want To Make Those Eyes At Me For 2:04
–Lance Fortune - Be Mine 1:49
–The Fabulous Flee-Rakkers - Green Jeans 2:25
–Ricky Wayne & The Flee-Rakkers - Chick A'Roo 1:50
–Michael Cox - Angela Jones 2:40
–The Flee-Rekkers - Sunday Date 2:53
–Peter Jay - Paradise Garden 2:41
–Danny Rivers - Can't You Hear My Heart 3:03
–The Outlaws - Swingin' Low 2:04
–The Outlaws - Ambush 2:22
–Cliff Bennett & The Rebel Rousers - You Got What I Like 1:35
–John Leyton - Johnny Remember Me 2:39
–Mike Berry & The Outlaws - Tribute To Buddy Holly 2:57
–The Moneymakers - Night Of The Vampire 2:49
–John Leyton - Wild Wind 2:13
–Iain Gregory - Can You Hear The Beat Of A Broken Heart 1:36
–Screaming Lord Sutch & The Savages - 'Til The Following Night 3:45
–John Leyton - Son This Is She 2:24
–Mike Berry & The Admirals - It's Just A Matter Of Time 2:11
–Don Charles - Walk With Me My Angel 3:08
–John Leyton - Lonely City 2:11
–The Tornados - Telstar 3:20
–Michael Cox - Stand Up 2:17
–The Packabeats - Theme From 'The Traitors' 2:32
–Peter Jay & The Jaywalkers - Can Can '62 2:29
–Houston Wells & The Marksmen - North Wind 2:34
–Mike Berry & The Outlaws - Don't You Think It's Time 1:40
–The Tornados - Globetrotter 2:40
–The Tornados - Ridin' The Wind 2:26
–Screaming Lord Sutch & The Savages - Jack The Ripper 2:45
–The Tornados Robot 2:38
–Glenda Collins - I Lost My Heart At The Fairground 2:34
–Houston Wells & The Marksmen - Only The Heartaches 2:52
–Jenny Moss- Hobbies 2:05
–The Saints - Wipeout 2:56
–Heinz Just Like Eddie 2:43
–Geoff Goddard - Sky Men 2:46
–Pamela Blue - My Friend Bobby 2:09
–Heinz - Country Boy 2:00
–The Dowlands - All My Loving 2:19
–Heinz - You Were There 1:55
–The Honeycombs - Have I The Right 2:56
–Heinz - Questions I Can't Answer 2:19
–The Honeycombs - I Can't Stop 2:35
–The Blue Rondo's* Little Baby 2:34
–The Honeycombs - Something Better Beginning 2:13
–David John & The Mood - Diggin' For Gold 2:37
–The Honeycombs - That's The Way 2:57
–The Syndicats - Crawdaddy Simone 3:15
–The Cryin' Shames - Please Stay 3:14
–The Buzz - You're Holding Me Down 3:05
–The Riot Squad - I Take It That We're Through 2:46
–Jason Eddy & The Centremen - Singing The Blues 2:28
–Glenda Collins - It's Hard To Believe It 2:59

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