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Joe Meek ‎– "The Joe Meek Collection: Intergalactic Instro's" (1960-65)

As we've taken a short detour down the cul-de-sac of pre-Beatles UK Rock'n'Roll, it makes sense to bring perspective back to DIY music, and the granddaddy of DIY is obviously the deranged independent producer, Joe Meek.
He turned his flat into a sound lab and recording facility, crammed to the gills with knobs, dials, valves and heath-robinson style gizmo's.
The toilet was his preferred area to record saxophones and public toilets were his preferred area to handle scrotal sacs, as he was a highly illegal Homosexual.A prisonable offence in the early 60's.
He was also prone to violent rages and generally psychotic behaviour.Culminating in blowing away his landlady with a shotgun and then turning it on himself,all this on Febuary 3rd 1967, the 8th anniversary of Buddy Holly's death (Which Meek had famously predicted before it happened)!....But you won't find his face on any t-shirts, because he was overweight, Gay and lacking that tragic beauty of your Cobains and Curtis's.
Character flaws aside, he managed to cobble together a ton of bizarre sixties pop tunes, based largely around his pet subjects of Horror Films, Westerns,communicating with the dead,and Science Fiction. He was the first British artist/producer to score a number one hit in the USA.
Some of the weirdest tunes,along with some of the weirdest behaviour existed in that flat at 304 Holloway Road, London N7.
So here's a collection of spaced-out instrumentals, among which are some demos and some unreleased tracks. As a little treat there are three live recordings of the Tornados (who once included the target of Meeks frustrated lust , Heinz) which show that the sound Joe produced on these records couldn't be reproduced on stage -- a problem for a lot of his musicians.
As Jesus once said, "The Meek will inherit the Earth".
Track Listing:

01.Moontrekkers - Night Of The Vampire 61-09
02.Ramblers -  Just For Chicks 63-11
03.Jay, Peter & Jaywalkers - Oo La La 63-05
04.Lavern, Roger & Microns - Red Rocket
05.Moontrekkers - Hatashiai (Japanese Sword Fight) 62-03
06.Fabulous Flee-Rekkers-Green Jeans 60-04
07.Checkmates-West Point 63-03
08.Sounds Incorporated-Keep Moving 63-08
09.Spooks-The Spook Walks
10.Tornados-Lawrence Of Arabia
11.Stonehenge - MenPinto 62-02
12.MoontrekkersReturn Of The Vampire
13.Jay, Peter & Jaywalkers-Totem Pole 63-02
14.Saxons- Saxon War Cry 65-06
15.Original Checkmates-Union Pacific 63-06
17.Moontrekkers-Melodie D'Amour 61-09
18.Ramblers-Take It Away
19.Stonehenge Men-Big Feet 62-02
20.Moontrekkers-There's Something At The Bottom Of The Well 62-03
21.Ramblers-Dodge City 63-11
22.Sounds Incorporated-Order Of The Keys 63-08
23.Original Checkmates-The Spy 63-06
24.Moontrekkers-Sunday Sunset
25.Jay, Peter & Jaywalkers-Jaywalker 63-02
26.Fabulous Flee-Rekkers - You Are My Sunshine 60-04
27.Moontrekkers-John Brown's Body
28.Jay, Peter & Jaywalkers-Poet And Peasant 63-05
29.Tornados-Telstar (live)64-?? 
30.Tornados-Exodus (live)64-?? 
31.Tornados-Czardas (live)64-?? 
32.Meek - JoeTelstar Demo

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