Tuesday, 25 October 2016

The Count Bishops - "Speedball" (Expanded Edition)" (Chiswick SW1) 1975

From the dirty grimier end of Pub Rock came the Count Bishops, with a kind of sound that linked Dr Feelgood with Eddie and The Hot Rods.
The kind of Punk coloured aggressive R&B rock'n'roll that made the Pub Rock scene so influential on the kids who would form the so-called 'Punk' movement.
This ep, along with eleven bonus tracks from the original session, are an electric blast of Chuck Berry inspired Rock'n'Roll. From the generation who were too young for Hippie but grew up in the best part of the sixties, and wanted to recreate that excitement.....'cus there sure as shit weren't much of that in 1975.
You had to do it yourself, because ELP and Yes weren't gonna do it for you.Excitement not Excrement please.


Original EP:

1 Route 66
2 I Ain't Got You
3 Beautiful Delilah
4 Teenage Letter

Bonus Tracks:
5 Cry To Me
6 Buzz Me Baby
7 Sweet Little Sixteen
8 Honey I Need
9 Carol
10 Don't Start Crying Now
11 Mercy Mercy
12 Reelin' And Rockin'
13 Down The Road Apiece
14 I'm A Man
15 I Want Candy

DOWNLOAD at speed and have a ball HERE!

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