Saturday, 1 October 2016

Dr. Feelgood ‎– "Private Practice" (United Artists UAG 30184) 1978

This was probably the pinnacle of financial investment by United Artists in Dr. Feelgood. Nice marketable sleeve art, glossy presentable photo's of the band, very New Wavey in presentation. 
Expensive sounding production, and at least two appearances on Top Of The Pops; one with Micky Jupp's "Down At The Doctors", and the other with Nick Lowe's "Milk and Alcohol", which was a top ten hit single!?
On the whole the best post-wilko album quite comfortably.A couple of naff songs , but that's normal with a Feelgoods album innit?


Down At The Doctors 3:17
Every Kind Of Vice 3:24
Things Get Better 2:46
Milk And Alcohol 2:51
Night Time 5:24
Let's Have A Party 2:33
Take A Tip 4:16
It Wasn't Me 3:01
Greaseball 3:52
Sugar Shaker 4:46

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