Wednesday, 5 October 2016

The Pirates ‎– "Happy Birthday Rock´N´Roll" (Cube Records ‎– HI FLY 33) 1979

This was called "Hard Ride" in the US, with a different track order and a laughable cover featuring a sexy lady swinging a lantern on a slow exposure setting. 
One has to marvel at the complete and utter cluelessness record companies display on a remarkably consistent level.
There is no Live Pirates on this studio only outing,and it suffers for this omission.
Its a venture in tamed wildness,but its got the funky "Hey Mary" and the pub classic "1-30, 2-30, 3-35", a peon to the joys and pitfalls of Horse racing.
Not the best Pirates LP, but good unpretentious fun nevertheless.  


You Can't Sit Down
Hey Mary
Golden Oldies
Lady (Put The Light On Me)
Happy Birthday Rock'N'Roll
Going Back Home
1:30, 2:30
Hard Ride

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