Friday, 5 September 2014

This Heat - "Live In London At ICA Club,27/12/1980"

Spend Christmas 1980 with This Heat at the ICA, in fairly tinny hi-fi. What more could you want to ask Sanity Claus for?
Personally I’d spend the rest of my life in 1980 if I could;but then I’d never get to hear “Deceit”.Maybe I could extend it to a 1980 to '81 groundhog day experience;but then again maybe include '79 too........I'll stop there Santa.....;wait a minute,isn't Santa an anagram of SATAN? Be careful for what you wish for,it might just come true.
Ah, no mobile fucking phones in 1980,I'd be free of bastards phoning me up at the beach, brilliant.No Hip Hop culture,sports wear is reserved for sport,and there was only three TV channels(in the UK), bliss!?.....Oh Shit! There's no internet in 1980! I'd have to pay for records and pornography again! Fuck that!

Satan or no Satan,this is most definitely NOT a Christmas turkey. Fantastic stuff!

Track Listing:

01 Horizontal Hold
02 Paper Hats
04 Makeshift Swahili
05 Music Escaping Like Gas
06 A New Kind Of Water
07 Twilight Furniture
08 Health And Efficiency
09 Triumph


rev.b said...

I’m not sure life would be worth living never having heard Deceit. For me it’s THE best album of the 80s, maybe of all time. Sadly still relevant all these years later. As an Am-era-cun’, Cenotaph haunts me every Memorial Day, Independence every July 4th, the last two tracks pretty much all the time. Do you get the idea you may have touched a nerve here? I think listening to Deceit should be a requirement of world citizenship!

Jonny Zchivago said...

Of course you are correct....I played Deceit today, and it seems even more relevant than ever. I thought of the track "Independence" after my recent spat with that Redneck prick,but maybe it would be wasted on him.
I'll post it soon,even though its easily available on the web...there are still people out there who haven't heard it!!!?

GRK. said...