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This Heat ‎– "Repeat" (These Records ‎– THESE 6 CD) 1993

The posthumous “third” album from This Heat keeps the sequence of alliteration going ,This Heat, Deceit, and now, Repeat. Not released during the groups lifetime,it consists of three tape experiments from around 1979/80, one of which we all know better as “24 track loop” from the début album. This version though is the 20 minute version called “Repeat”, a repeated drum loop treated and dubbed up until its in a state of flux, yet remains the same. Like Tago Mago era Can's wilful repetition as remixed by King Tubby.
Track two is a previously unknown track called “Metal; which is the band banging a load of metal objects for twenty plus minutes. Probably the idea was to record a mass of junk percussion to create tape loops for the rhythmic foundation of some new tunes. This approach was pioneered by those other Krautrock legends, Faust, and later hijacked by Einsturzende Neubauten. This Heat obviously absorbed a lot of German Progressive musik, and mixed it up with punk rock, dub, and the avant garde.
Track three is a quarter of an hour tape loop drone experiment; with the reel-to-reel's varispeed slider being manipulated by an unnamed This Heater and fed through a Harmoniser; probably Gareth Williams methinks. Also found as the b-side to “Health and efficiency”.
By far their most avant garde recordings,where they even manage to out-Can Can!

Track Listing:

1 – Repeat (20.21)
2 - Metal (23.17)
3 – Graphic -Varispeed (33rpm) (15.27)

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