Thursday, 25 September 2014

Reynols ‎– "Pacalirte Sorban Cumanos" (Beta-lactam Ring Records ‎– mt051b) 2002

WARNING! I haven't gone off on an anti-NWO rant for a long time,so I feel the time is right,so be prepared.

This is Reynols 'pop' record.
If I was to recommend a Reynols album to the uninitiated,it would be this one. I do not suggest for one moment that anyone who regards themselves as 'normal' wouldn't run screaming from this experience; and would describe this non-music as 'Shit'! This common reaction is due to the decades of mind control forced upon these lost individuals by an essentially 'Evil',power drunk, 'wealth' grasping, morally bankrupt, ruling elite. If you are part of the future mass civil disobedience based peaceful revolution, otherwise known as the impending mass consciousness shift; then you will understand this music, if not , then fuck off and hug your possessions, pay your mortgage, taxes, and feed all this information onto Facebook; aka NSA/Mossad/CIA/ SIS/ ISIS. Support the stealth war in Syria, and feel angry at fake beheadings to justify the creeping Orwellian state.....which,of course, is for your own 'safety'!?(Who did the 7/7 bombings?.....check this!)
A little over a year after several 'free' parliaments,assembly’s, had voted against military action in Syria; now we suddenly have a new threat from the vaguely acronymed ISIS or IS or ISL,and its ok to bomb Syria without a free vote from your local elected assembly? How fake and manufactured is this bullshit; and we all accept it! We are being manipulated,and it ain't subtle either; yet another Gorilla on a basketball court mass fraud.
People who understand the Reynols experience, are not fooled by the superficial nonsense that is drip fed to a distracted,dumbed down, majority. This is the sound of Truth. Reject the status quo (not the excellent group!),and accept the true power of Love,as recorded by Argentinian beat combo, Reynols?


A1 Agranado Disa 1:30
A2 Pero Un Crito Catula 3:37
A3 7 Apoloca Baluba 8:15
A4 Whons Disito 4 Y 4 2:44
A5 Trilo Pampeho 3:54
A6 Fincoll (Que Norar) 6:32
B1 Mentalimo Chorlin 7:01
B2 Nolan Sitere 0:38
B3 Galu Samorin 2:21
B4 Camio Flatdas 2:25
B5 Samsamrejes Supe Alba 3:41
B6 Mante Vedeosmas 7:20


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Do you have their album "No Reynols" by any chance? I've been looking for that one.

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Sorry, i have no "No Reynols".